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Warehouse Automation and Improvement Project
Branch: Wholesale: Pharmaceutical Industry, Health Care
Further Industry Sectors:
Warehouse Location: [visible after registration]
GoLive: November 2006
WMS: KiSoft WMS V 3.9

Company Centaur Services is a wholesaler of veterinary products throughout the whole UK but with its major market areas in the southern part of the country. They supply mostly pharmaceuticals and vaccines but also supply veterinary practices with other products including instruments, consumables, specialist pet foods, clothing and miscellaneous other items. Their live product range covers approximately 12,000 stocked SKUs with another 10,000 available on special order. They offer a next day service in that orders received on one day are delivered the next working day by, mostly, their own fleet of delivery vehicles.
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Project Description The main aim was to implement:
1. Warehouse automation using voice directed picking, automatic and semi-automatic picking equipment and an intelligent conveyor system
2. The whole automation subsystems to be controlled by a fully integrated Warehouse Management System to manage and control: goods-in and returns, stock control and Lot traceability, picking management and control, including order scheduling and direct control of manual picking using RF devices and voice-directed Picking
with full real time communications to the automated subsystems. Inventory counting, goods-out and packing, internal goods-transport control, replenishment and slotting.
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Project Details

Involved cooperation partners:
SAP (for the ERP system integration)

Type of WMS project:
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Further systems installed by the WMS vendor:
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Level of automatization of the reference project:
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Project volume of this project for the WMS vendor (only software and services):
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Total investment for this project for the customer (equipment, services, and real estate):
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Industry specifics supported by the WMS:
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Applied user interface languages:
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Year of operation of the WMS (GoLive):

Month of operation of the WMS (GoLive):

Duration of the project:
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Type of customer support:
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