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Distribution Centre for ARDO


The new distribution centre will be operational in 2009 and will strengthen ARDO's position on the European frozen food market.

SAVOYE has been selected by ARDO for the design and implementation of an automatic storage and retrieval system, based on the unique SAVOYE Magmatic® technology. The tender process was guided by Logflow, consulting company. The new distribution centre, mainly for the supply of the North-European market, is part of a total investment of 30 million Euros in the ARDO site in Ardooie, Belgium. ARDO is Europe's number one for frozen vegetables, with a yearly production of 512.000 ton distributed throughout 52 countries and with a turn over of more than 520 million Euros.

The ARDO group has 14 production sites, based in 8 countries. The Belgian site in Ardooie was the first site, founded in 1977. "We did an in-depth evaluation of this site, and this resulted in an ecological inspired investment plan for ARDO Ardooie, with as main point the fully automated European distribution centre, with a height of 35 meter and a total storage capacity of 32.000 pallets. It will only take 30 minutes to load a full truck with frozen vegetables and fruits", said Jan Haspeslagh, CEO of ARDO Group.

The main criteria for the selection of SAVOYE was based on the long term flexibility of the Magmatic® solution and the experience in the development of automated cold stores for instance for customers like Lutosa, Unifrost, Christian Salvesen and Unilever MIKO.

The new distribution centre will consist of a high-bay cold store for more than 32.000 pallets, a picking zone for full cartons in low temperature and a preparation zone for expedition. On the inbound side there is a connection to the production facilities and an input system for truckload form other ARDO sites.

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