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inconso shows the way to efficient transport logistics


transportation logistic 2009: Tradeshow highlights of inconso AG May 12 -15, 2009 (Messe München, Hall B2; booth 233)

At the 12th transport logistics tradeshow from May 12 - 15, 2009, inconso AG, Bad Nauheim, has chosen to emphasize efficient solutions in the field of the transportatiologistics on this year's booth. Especially at a time where the current recession continues to deepen, the ever present rationalization pressure increases even more. Systems which are comprehensive in function and geared towards the requirements of the transport sector can make an essential contribution to optimizing resources and to achieve further potential efficiency increases and cost reductions - but also to establish the basis for future growth. To achieve this, the focus lies on the internal optimization of processes as well as the steering of the entire logistic network.

Optimizing resources, increasing flexibility and lowering costs with inconsoTMS

Due to the high complexity, most networks nowadays can only be planned in parts. With the new inconsoTMS, which will be introduced for the first time in Munich, complete networks can be planned. Based on historical data, forecasts and orders, the network planning delivers new framework tours, both on-demand and in a rolling horizon. Using an algorithm, the current orders are planned in the framework tours during the operational planning. Deviations can be reacted to in the daily planning. This contains a dynamic route optimization component as well as manual planning possibilities.

To make this possible, the leading company of IT and consulting solutions for logistics has chosen a completely new approach: In a single system, inconsoTMS connects the functions of the logistic network planning with functions of the operative transport planning and control. In this way, the user achieves a maximum of planning safety and can optimize his processes and transports simultaneously while lowering costs in the transport processing and warehouse. Through the use of powerful, integrated applications such as order management, advance notice and yard management, manual dispatching, load optimization, route optimization and network planning, inconsoTMS forms the basis for establishing long-term increases of efficiencies and improvements in the transport management processes.

Through a control monitor, transparency about status and condition of transports in the network is achieved at any moment. Besides the efficiency even with large amounts of orders, the new inconsoTMS stands out due to its scalability and adaptability to changing network structures. The modular built and individually configurable application can be integrated very easily into existing system and application landscapes. inconsoTMS can also be used for the planning and optimizing of single level networks.

Not shipping air: inconsoLSO Load Space Optimization

The load space optimization component inconsoLSO is a part of the inconsoTMS, which is offered as a stand-alone or as an integrated engine in various other systems (including SAP). It provides algorithms to do three-dimensional optimization of shipping cartons, pallets and transport units. The algorithms can be used either individually or in combination with one another. At the time of optimization, restrictions such as stack factors, stackability and tolerances of combinations as well as parameters such as nesting are taken into account. Results are shown graphically and in table form and can be reworked in the editing mode or printed in various reports - for example, as loading instructions.

The load space optimization is available in 2 versions: For the one version, a complete solution was developed and is used as a stand-alone application. The communication with connected systems is carried out via interfaces. For the other version, the load space optimization is available as a so-called engine version. In this case, the intelligence (the algorithms) is separated from the user interface (GUI) and extends the capabilities of inconsoTMS and the inconsoWMS Product Suite.

Moreover, the engine version is available as an integrated Add-on in the SAP environment.

Seamless integration into SAP based IT landscapes

inconso AG is both an SAP Service Partner and Special Expertise Partner SAP for SCE. With such partnerships, inconso is one of few suppliers able to offer its customers an independent consulting on IT strategies and during the decision between a SAP based or an independent logistics solution. Among other things, there is already far-reaching experience with the relatively young SAP TM. Special developed Add-ons from inconso also offer the user additional possibilities for increased process optimization, flexibility and logistics quality.

An important point is here the interface to the intralogistics. From the yard management with internet support slot administration to the route planning through to the invoicing and the comfortable processing and controlling of services via a credit/debit note process, there are a multitude of contact points which can be highly efficiently connected through the seamless integration of solutions. All inconso systems, whether as best-of-breed solution with the inconsoWMS Product Suite or under SAP, are set up to handle the most current logistical requirements, to offer an extensive portfolio of functionalities, are multi-clients and multi-customer capable and have already been proven with all innovative conveyor and order picking technologies (RFID, Pick-by-Light, Pick-by-Voice).

Multi-mode radio data transmission

An independently developed, new approach for data radio controlled order picking is available from inconso AG. This solution contains a combination of hardware and software for mobile use in the warehouse or at the ramp. The known Pick-by-Voice technology is supplemented here with an arm terminal containing a finger scanner. All the advantages of voice controlled order picking can be used this way: both hands are free and the visual concentration can be concentrated on goods and technology itself. Using this approach, the multi-mode radio data transmission (RF) enables additional scanner and terminal supported control of the respective orders possible. Safety and reliability of the process are increased and issues can be solved quickly and on the spot in the interest of improving logistics process quality.

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