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Mobile Computing and WMS: CeMAT Hall 27 Stand C 42


CeMAT 2011: TEAM and Psion present for CeMAT 2011 WMS innovative approaches and open technologies for mobile computing.

Solutions from one source!

TEAM shows at CeMAT 2011 from 02 - 06 May the benefits of integration innovative technologies and systems for the optimization of logistics processes. The focus is on modular and flexible software logistics TEAM ProStore®.

Live on the system you can experience the functionality of ProStore® on the hardware components of Psion. See for yourself how flexible software can be used on WLAN. The software installation is no longer necessary - a fast and convenient service is guaranteed.

TEAM will present the integration of Omnii TX10 in mobile picking applications and the terminal 8580/8590 for fork lift system dialogs. Furthermore ProStore ensures optimum control of the vehicles and infrastructure. Still important is the integration of voice control.

ProStore® integrated voice-controlled device without a display for example the Vocollect “Talkman” or the Psion “Workabout Pro Speech”.

Other TEAM Highlights of the CeMAT 2011:

  • Logistics Intelligence
    • Logistics Intelligence offers various kinds of data generating, visualization and analyses of the logistics key performance indicators.
  • Resource planning ProStore®
    • The ProStore® resource planning module guarantees optimum resource planning and utilization in the logistics process is at the heart of any successful and efficient logistics application.
  • Logistics control of ProStore®
    • The ProStore® logistics control center provides a broad and visually attractive overview of a company's logistics process simulated in ProStore®. It shows the current "state of play" with regard to systems and processes, and displays a wide range of information.

TEAM exhibits at CeMAT on the partner booth of Psion, a leading provider of innovative and rugged handheld mobile computing.

Visit TEAM at the booth C 42 in Hall 27.

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