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a-SIS VIEW, an all-inclusive 3D display solution for the connected warehouse


a-SIS, provider of software solutions for supply chain management and a subsidiary of the Savoye Division, is launching a-SIS VIEW, which provides an innovative way of supervising supply chain activities.

a-SIS VIEW is a unique, all-inclusive, 3D display solution enabling you to supervise and control any logistics environment. Designed by a-SIS, the software branch of the Savoye Division, it aggregates any type of geotagged information and displays it in real time.
With their constantly increasing range of new tools, both software and hardware, logistics platforms are become more complex to manage with each passing day. WMS, WCS, MES, printers, mechanised equipment, fire detection systems – all these systems can interact with one another but operators have to consult them individually to acquire an overview. The operations manager then has to aggregate all the information mentally to make the right decision. Even then, this decision often only solves part of the problem, which is shifted elsewhere because of a lack of centralised management. This becomes all the more inconvenient in a context where supervision is performed remotely. This might include cases of multiple sites or operations performed under extreme conditions such as cold storage or, inversely, outdoor activities in intense heat.

a-SIS VIEW offers a web-type interface for a virtual 3D tour of a connected warehouse. It can be accessed from workstations, terminals, smartphones and tablets. a-SIS VIEW can perform all the functions of a logistics platform, whether by logistics managers, technicians, or even the head of IT. This innovative system enables human resources to be pooled for maintenance and supervision tasks. For example, a-SIS VIEW geotags a printer failure or indicates a network problem linked to an access point. It is also capable of replaying a sequence of activities, displaying them like a film and allowing the user to view the events from any position. Using the data from the WMS or slotting software, the manager can identify and geotag the areas where the dimensions of the slots are unsuitable for the flow, or detect bottlenecks. The system can then be switched to simulation mode, from which to map out a new virtual flowpath. a-SIS VIEW replays the sequence and shows when a better result is possible. If this is the case, the new flow map can then be applied "in real life". Lastly, for support technicians, a-SIS VIEW sends geotagged alerts for all equipment breakdowns and faults. The technician can access the display with a simple mobile device (tablet or smartphone) and is guided to the place where the repair is required (mechanical fault on a mechanised system, fire detection systems, intrusion in secure premises).

As an exhibitor at SITL 2015 in Paris,
a-SIS will be presenting its innovative a-SIS VIEW application
on Tuesday, March 31, 2015,
at 11am, at the a-SIS Stand, N99

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