The »warehouse logistics« Glossary is growing!


From now on, WMS providers and interested outsiders will have access to the »WMS Glossary« at with new terms and the corresponding definitions around the topic »Warehouse Management Systems«.

Thanks to the continuous work of the »Team warehouse logistics« and the active support of the »warehouse logistics« community, new terms and their definitions were uploaded to the »WMS Glossary« in January and February.

Some of the most recent terms are:

These and all other new terms can now be found in the alphabetical listing in addition to the already listed terms. Participants of the "WMS Database" also have the possibility to directly access the new terms via the News-Room and comment on them at the same time.

In order to create a uniform base as well as a common understanding of the terms in the WMS market, the term base of the "WMS Glossary" will continue to be expanded each month.

About »warehouse logistics«

The platform is one of the world’s leading portals for Warehouse Management Systems and provides costumers the access to all important information for a sustainable planning and the right use of their information technology in the warehouse. By the portal, WMS users can learn essential information on the various systems and have the possibility for a direct comparison of these systems. Based on the WMS Online Selection, WMS users have the chance to make a targeted selection in consideration of their individual profile of requirements and to find the right software for their own needs. Through their participation in the WMS database, WMS vendors can present their company and their WMS at and develop new customer circles. In addition, the WMS vendors have the chance to let their completed projects be validated as reference projects through the experts of the Team warehouse logistics.

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