Major Frozen Foods 3PL-Operator Chooses Solvo.WMS


SOLVO has successfully automated processes at a secure storage warehouse of »Slavtrans-Service« (Evrazia trade-logistics company) with a capacity of 40,000 tons with 10 low-temperature cells (0°С–22°С), located in Moscow oblast, Narofominsk.

SOLVO has successfully automated processes at a secure storage warehouse of »Slavtrans-Service« (Evrazia trade-logistics company) with a capacity of 40,000 tons with 10 low-temperature cells (0°С–22°С), located in Moscow oblast, Narofominsk.

The warehouse is intended for storing and processing frozen fish, seafood, meat, and dairy products.

The warehouse facility is a multi-temperature, multi-rack class-A warehouse with a capacity of 30,000 tons for pallets. It’s equipped with three freezing cells with automatic mobile racks for storing pallets in locations with 9 cells for floor storage. Jungheinrich high-rise forklifts are used as CHE.

The main goals of implementing a WMS system at the warehouse was to optimize and automate main processes with consideration of specificities (automatic mobile racks, high-rise racks), ability to receive online requests from clients and provide order status information from the WMS, as well as to establish an automatic calculation took for services provided along with invoicing and billing capabilities.

With the implementation of Solvo.WMS, the receiving of cargo is carried out based on new technologies with warehousemen using stationary automated work places on which the WMS system is installed. This makes it possible to quickly identify goods in the given case compared to mobile hand-held devices because:

  • many good do not have barcodes and require manual identification;
  • one operation can include receiving several pallets of the same type;
  • SSCC labels in А4 format are printed with an extended list of data

Solvo.WMS also helps to receive catch weight goods and supports pallet cross-docking operations.

During receiving of catch weight goods, the tare is weighed in advance to track which tare volume is accepted for each pallet, as well as SSCC labels or special cold-resistant labels.

All information about receiving the incoming goods and orders, which must be shipped, is sent to the WMS via the SOLVO web-portal. Cargo owners can use the web-portal to send requests for receiving and shipping goods to/from the warehouse.

Goods are received and put away at the warehouse immediately in big batches, namely because automatic mobile rack technology is in use.

Solvo.WMS takes into account the sequence of the initial filling of empty mobile racks and issues the goods putaway tasks with consideration that the pallets must be evenly distributed from the moving mobile rack mechanism to avoid breakage.

The WMS will automatically tell the operator in his hand-held device which locations, and the sequence for putting away goods with consideration of putaway strategies. It is also possible to use a flexible substitution strategy: for example, switching from the putaway strategy with consideration of the weight to a strategy with preference for the cargo owner and others.

Due to the technological limitations of mobile racks at the warehouse – the freezing camera can only support one picker at a time and the warehouse uses non-wave (per order) picking, when each order is picked separately as goods arrive in real time. Jobs are issued by priority: one open tack – one picker – one job – one pick list. The given technology makes it possible to switch from one strategy to another (from location to FEFO).

The specifics of the commissioning process include assembling the order right at the dock without using a buffer zone. This is used for both pallet as well as carton shipping. Using a system command, the pallets are delivered for picking directly at the shipping dock where the truck has arrived – this command is called »Commissioning to loading dock.«

During carton shipping, the carton part of the order is picked from pallets and loaded onto the truck. Then, using the »auto-push out« feature, the pallet will be pushed out back to the storage zone if it no longer contains any load reserved for any orders.

The system controls additional planning and none-planning operations with goods such as: recounts, additional weighing, repacking and others. Requests for these operations are submitted by clients via the Solvo.Web web-portal, access to which is granted directly by the 3PL-operator:

  • WMS controls operations involving changing the depositor shift – the system regulates the loads depending on the need to divide the whole load into parts upon owner change;
  • WMS automatically links the operations to the required owner using rules.

The »Evrazia« company uses solutions from SOLVO, with which it is able to automate its main warehouse processes. Therefore, there is technically no host system at the warehouse. Solvo.WMS is integrated directly with the 1C accounting system, while all dependencies on depositors and request management are performed via the Solvo.WEB portal.

In practice, this is the first of its kind project for Solvo. The web-portal is intended for remote receiving of requests for shipping (orders) from the warehouse, requests for goods arrival, and requests for additional operations. The module includes an accountability function, with which the depositors can partially see which services were provided by 3PL operators, in what capacity and during which time period.

The calculation for rendered services is performed by the Solvo.Billing module. It receives data from the WMS about performed operations, for example, about receiving cargo or packing pallets for a certain time period. It adds these figures converting it to »services.« Then the system calculates the cost of these services in accordance with the set rates. This data can later be presented via the web-portal to the customer or sent to the accounting system (1C) where it can be used to prepare an invoice to pay for the given services. Depositors can see all of the rate information, provided services and bills via their browsers through an encrypted connection.

»In general, we are very happy with the result even though the project was massive in scale and rather complex for both parties. First, the specifics of mobile racks presented their own limitations requiring their own additional configurations from SOLVO. Second, we realized an ambitious plan in implementing Solvo.WMS as the host system instead of a full-fledged billing and Web portal systems for deposits. In retrospect, we can say that this decision was correct,« commented Vyasheslav Patrushev, IT director at Evrazia.

The given project also saw SOLVO providing the radio equipment:

  • hand-held industrial Wi-Fi data capture terminals Honeywell Tecton CS, intended for low temperature conditions (-25-28 °С) and have an embedded motherboard and screen heater;
  • Vehicle mounted Honeywell Thor terminals used on forklifts along with Datalogic PowerScan scanners.

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