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»Leanware Oy« is a new participant of the WMS database


»Leanware Oy« becomes a new participant of the WMS database with the system »LeanwareWMS«. Thus, the company now uses the numerous advantages of »warehouse logistics«, one of the leading platforms for the comparison of »Warehouse Management Systems«. The »Team warehouse logistics« welcomes »Leanware Oy«.

»Leanware Oy« is one of the market leaders in the area of WMS for automated and manual warehouses in Finland and employs currently about 100 full-time employees. With the aim of improving the overall efficiency and quality of its customers' processes and ensuring their competitiveness in global markets, »Leanware Oy« focuses on optimising internal logistics and manufacturing processes. Based on their in-depth knowledge and many years of experience with best practices in the wholesale and retail business as well as in the industrial logistics sector, »Leanware Oy's« employees also advise and support its customers.

»Leanware Oy« is characterized by its »LeanwareWMS« and »LeanwareMES« with regard to their system landscape. »LeanwareWMS« is a highly productized, highly intelligent and instructive product that adapts to the specific needs of its customers within a very short time. The »LeanwareMES«, on the other hand, is primarily used to manage production processes. Both »LeanwareWMS« and »LeanwareMES« are designed to be working either individually or seamlessly together with ERP systems, enabling the customer to have the most optimal production and logistic processes.

The platform offers the possibility to present their »Warehouse Management System« in detail and simultaneously have it validated provider-independent by the »Team warehouse logistics«. Through the platform, WMS users are primarily provided with essential information about the various systems and are given the opportunity for a direct comparison. With the »WMS Online Selection«, the appropriate software can be found by taking into account the individual requirements profile of the WMS user.

The participating WMS providers can also use the service »WMS Reference Projects« to refer to already completed projects and have them validated by the »Team warehouse logistics«.

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Björn Krämer & Kira Schmeltzpfenning

Phone: +49 (0) 231/9743-214

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