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Almacenes Vidri Embarks on Successful Retail Supply Chain Strategy with JDA


Leading Salvadorian retailer sees swift time-to-value across inventory and out-of-stock reduction, and a substantial increase in forecast accuracy and planner efficiency with JDA Advanced Store Replenishment and Warehouse solutions

Almacenes Vidrí, a hardware retail chain based in El Salvador, has successfully deployed JDA®Advanced Store Replenishment and JDA®Advanced Warehouse Replenishmentsolutions from JDA Software, Inc., as part of its retail supply chain strategy to increase profitability and maximize store associate productivity while driving cost efficiencies.

Almacenes Vidrí is a hardware store founded in 1917. It has 16 branches in San Salvador and throughout the country, and five branches in Guatemala. In order to meet the needs, tastes and preferences of its customers, it has segmented its branches according to the demand of each market close to its location, in two main types: self-service or ‘home-centers’ and industrial or counter type. Its wide universe of products is classified in 22 departments: electrical, lighting and ventilation, audio video and networks, plumbing, bathrooms, painting, locks, hardware, screws, building materials, power tools, hand tools, appliances, home, outdoors, cleaning, pumps and heaters, industrial, refrigeration, automotive, gardening and garden machinery.

Last year, Almacenes Vidrí embarked on a strategy to replace its homegrown solutions with a more sophisticated, digitalized approach to drive efficiencies across its stores, better match individual store demand to supply, eliminating out-of-stock scenarios, and increasing forecast accuracy to improve inventory levels company-wide. Almacenes Vidrí deployedJDA Advanced Warehouse Replenishment and JDA Advanced Store Replenishment with the help of partnerAgora Europeforprofessional services support.

»We chose JDA because we needed a more sophisticated, integrated replenishment strategy for our stores and distribution centers and the results speak for themselves,« said Miguel Maestre, operations manager, Almacenes Vidrí. »We are very pleased at the impressive time to value we’ve seen so far and the boost in customer satisfaction is significant.«

Since deploying JDA, Almacenes Vidrí has realized impressive results, including:

  • A 25-30% reduction in inventory through improved visibility and reduced need for safety stock
  • Up to 30% reduction in obsolete inventory through better demand/supply matching
  • Up to 5% reduction in out-of-stocks through improved demand forecasting and inventory management
  • Up to 40 base point improvement in margins through reduced markdowns and improved product mix
  • Up to 45% increase in forecast accuracy through enhanced algorithms, demand shaping and multi-level forecasting
  • An estimated 20-40% increase in planner efficiency through automation and systemic decision-making

»We’re pleased to see such significant results already forAlmacenes Vidrí in their quest to better align shopper demand with on-hand supply,« said Antonio Boccalandro, president, Latin America, JDA. “Now, they can focus on supporting their customers’ requests and ensuring a superior customer experience every time a customer walks through the doors at any of its stores.«

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