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The warehouse logistics glossary is online!


From now on, the »WMS Glossary« at provides WMS Providers and interested external parties an overview of terms and associated definitions relating to »Warehouse Management Systems«.

The participants of the »WMS Database« have the opportunity to contribute to the continuous expansion of the »WMS Glossary« by proposing and adapting existing definitions. The term base of the glossary is thus continuously extended and validated.

Members of the WMS Market will thus receive an encompassing overview of terms in the WMS environment and their common definitions, as well as a common basis and understanding of the terms in the WMS Market.

The »WMS Database« on is one of the world's leading platforms for the functional comparison of Warehouse Management Systems. WMS Providers have the possibility to present their products within the database and have them validated by the manufacturer-independent »Team warehouse logistics«. After successful validation, the system receives the validation label, a quality seal of the industry. WMS Customers can use the »WMS Online Selection« to quickly find out which system best suits their warehouse or requirements by means of a comprehensive search criteria catalogue. Similarly, interested visitors can find information on more than 100 validated »WMS Reference Projects« on the platform.

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