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»Project guide for the successful implementation of a WMS« - now also available in Russian!


With the publication of the project guide in Russian, the »Team warehouse logistics« provides the Russian-speaking world with an essential orientation aid for the successful introduction of a (new) »Warehouse Management System« and thus strengthens the international »warehouse logistics«-community.

The »Project Guide for the Successful Implementation of a Warehouse Management System« was presented to the »warehouse logistics«-community for the first time at the 2014 participants' meeting and since then has offered all companies the 10 golden rules for an imminent changeover of internal logistics. Regardless of whether the intention is to introduce a new Warehouse Management System, to replace an existing WMS or to plan such a project in the near future - from the successful introduction to the go-live and the subsequent transfer to regular operation, the individual points provide an important orientation aid to lead the WMS project to success.

The translation into Russian was created in cooperation and coordination with »SOLVO Ltd.«, so that the Russian-speaking area now also has this fundamental set of rules for the successful and targeted implementation of such projects. The Russian project guide for the successful implementation of a WMS is available immediately free of charge after previous registration under the following link:

About »warehouse logistics«

The platform is one of the world’s leading portals for Warehouse Management Systems and provides costumers the access to all important information for a sustainable planning and the right use of their information technology in the warehouse. By the portal, WMS users learn essential information on the various systems and have the possibility for a direct comparison of these systems. Based on the »WMS Online Selection«, WMS users have the chance to make a targeted selection in consideration of their individual profile of requirements and find the right software for their own needs. Through their participation in the »WMS Database«, WMS providers can present their company and their WMS at and develop new customer circles. In addition, the WMS providers have the chance to let their completed projects be validated as »WMS Reference Projects« through one of the experts of the Team warehouse logistics.

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