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The »Project Guide for the Successful Implementation of a WMS« is now available in French!


The publication of the French version of the project guide now also provides the French-speaking countries with a good guideline for the successful implementation of a (new) »Warehouse Management System«. Thereby the »Team warehouse logistics« makes a further contribution to the constant improvement of the international »warehouse logistics«-community.

At the particpants’ meeting in 2014, the »Project Guide for the Successful Implementation of a WMS« was presented to the »warehouse logistics«-community for the first time. This project guide aimes at all companies that are about to implement a new, or replace an existing WMS. »10 Golden Rules of WMS implementation« provide a good basis for the successful and goal-oriented roll out, go-live and subsequent transfer into regular operation of a (new) Warehouse Management System. These rules ensure the successful and aim-oriented processing of a WMS project.

The French version of the »Project Guide for the Successful Implementation of a WMS« can be found via the following link

The platform »«

The »Team warehouse logistics« was founded by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML in February 2000. Since then it has been operating one of the leading logistics platform for WMS worldwide, the international »WMS Database« on, which is also being continuously developed and enhanced.

The main goal of the platform »warehouse logistics« is to match customers and providers of Warehouse Management Systems properly and to provide consulting support in the process of selecting and implementing WMS. On, customers receive significant information about different providers and their systems, whereby they get the opportunity for a direct comparison. With the help of the »WMS Online Selection«, the customer can choose the matching software, in consideration of his personal requirement profile. On the other hand, WMS Providers have the possibility to present their company and WMS on the platform by participating in the »WMS Database« and thus increase national and international publicity. In addition, the participating providers have the opportunity to refer to already completed projects through the service »WMS Reference Projects« and have them validated by the »Team warehouse logistics«.

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