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EPG | CLOUD: iSeries hosting and managed services for third-party software systems


EPG (Ehrhardt + Partner Group) is expanding its EPG | CLOUD service portfolio to include iSeries hosting and managed services for third-party software systems. The portfolio now not only covers its own EPG products, such as the EPG | LFS warehouse management system and the Lydia® Voice pick-by-voice solution, but also - for example - ERP and financial accounting systems that primarily run on the proven iSeries platform.

Companies get everything from a single source: from provision of IT infrastructure to secure administration of iSeries systems to support. Combined with extensive expertise for the iSeries, customers benefit from an all-round carefree package.

Secure and highly available cloud solutions are growing more important all the time. That is why EPG is systematically developing its cloud services and IT outsourcing. The company’s own EPG|LFS logistics software has always run on the secure and reliable iSeries platform – and the company has the extensive expertise it takes to operate the system. »Nowadays, lots of companies lack the in-house knowledge and expertise to operate the iSeries in the long term,« says Markus Derksen, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at EPG. »We have this expertise, because we at EPG have been relying on the proven IBM platform to operate our own solutions for more than 30 years. So it only makes sense to offer our hosting for third-party software that primarily runs in the iSeries environment. With our combination of software and cloud expertise, companies purchase a high level of quality and security from us,« he adds.

»Pay as you go« and always on an as-needed basis

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