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Warehouse Management System WMS of KuglerConsulting also for Lift and Carousel Systems


The Warehouse Management System WMS of KuglerConsulting controls and optimizes also Lift Systems and Carousel Systems in Office and in Warehouse

Lift and Carousel Systems in the Office care for well organized and safe storage of stationary, IT items, files, documents and also valuable items, security holdings and shares as well and ensure a quick access and retrieval - especially through the storage optimization and material flow optimization system WMS.

Lift and Carousel Systems in the Warehouse care for well organized and safe storage of raw material, semi-finished goods and finished goods of various industrial areas in retail, production and service companies - also considering management and tracing of lot / Batch and of expiry date - and ensure a quick access and retrieval for the reliable providing for the assembly and production area within the company or for the customers - especially through the storage optimization and material flow optimization system WMS.

WMS controls and optimizes not only Lift and Carousel Systems but also many more warehouse organisations and storage types, manual storage, semi-automated storage and full automated storage ( e.g. AS/RS Automated Storage & Retrieval System, Automated Small-Parts Storage and as well the mentioned Lift and Carousel Systems) and Logistics Centers and the material flow including the information flow and the order flow within the company and in the Supply Chain.

WMS administrates small and simple Warehouses with paper organisation as well as medium-sized and huge, complex and high dynamic Warehouses and Logistics Centers. WMS also cares for SCEM Supply Chain Event Management in communication with the partners in the Supply Chain: Collaborative Business.

WMS works with innovative Technologies for Real Time Process Monitoring and Controlling: Radio Frequency terminals, Pick-to-Light, Pick-by-Voice, RFID, automatic weighing, conveyor control, roboting, automatic storage (AS/RS Automated Storage & Retrieval System).

A Control Center is available for the monitoring and controlling of all Logistics Business Processes in the Storage in Office and Warehouse, in Logistics Center and in the Supply Chain.

The Software System WMS can be integrated easily into the leading ERP systems of SAP and other ERP software companies and into company-individual systems. WMS as a well approved system on the operational base for huge throughput and for simple and practical application is often chosen as reliable subsystem for the ERP systems.

Through WMS of KuglerConsulting and through the Logistics & IT Competence of KuglerConsulting for the efficient Optimization of the Logistics Business Processes the customer gains a Great Benefit and an Excellent ROI Return on Investment:
Higher Efficiency, Transparency, Accuraccy, Reliability and Great Cost Savings in the Office, Warehouse, Logistics Center and Supply Chain.

WMS optimizes the storage space management within the shelves of the Lift and Carousel Systems and over all these systems as a whole.

WMS optimizes the work procedure and work flow of putaway and picking. Putaway Sequences and Picking Sequences covering several Lift and Carousel Systems (groups) can be generated and optimized. Thereby on the one hand the movements of the Lift and Carousel Systems and on the other hand the ways and the handling of the employees can be optimized.

WMS supports putaway and picking integrated into the Supply Chain within the company from the receiving to the shipping with the possible connection with the Supply Chain to the suppliers and customers.

The automatic Optimization follows the parameters and optimization criteria, which are maintainable according to the special attributes of the material, of the Lift and Carousel Systems and groups, of the storage shelfs within the Lift and Carousel Systems, of the loading mediums and bins, and according to the order priorities:
e.g. storage movement frequency / ABC, volume, weight, loading medium type / bin type, relation of material to special storage zones as well as balanced allocation, lot / batch, expiry date, date / timing / destination and loading medium / bin type for the provision and supply to the customer.

WMS-Additional-Functions for higher requirements
WMS coordinates and optimizes all activities of the Lift and Carousel Systems.

WMS coordinates and optimizes all activities of the employees.

During putaway and picking the employee can work on several Lift and Carousel Systems within a group. The group can be variable according to the work load and volume.

WMS coordinates also all activities of further resources e.g. conveyor control systems and weighing systems. WMS administrates, coordinates and optimizes all resources.

WMS controls and optimizes the information flow, material flow and order flow (work flow) together with all putaways and pickings for the quick and reliable satisfaction of the customers' wishes.

WMS can use the small user terminal at the Lift and Carousel Systems for the communication with the employee. In connection with the receiving and shipping and with the overall coordination of all Lift and Carousel Systems the overview overall is provided at PC work stations. These PC work stations may be mobile (Radio Frequency terminals or PC clients via WLAN).

Paperless putaway and picking, higher accuraccy and speed is possible through barcoding or RFID at the loading mediums and bins and through the application of scanners at the user terminals of the Lift and Carousel Systems and through mobile Radio Frequency terminals, Pick-by-Vice and Pick-to-Light. Automatic weighing and automatic conveyor systems can be integrated.

Thereby high dynamic Logistics Systems can be created with high efficiency, reliability, accuraccy and excellent ROI.

The mentioned modules and functions of this wide software system WMS Warehouse Management System of KuglerConsulting can be activated individually: Thus the customer can start with a simple Lift and Carousel System and can be sure to have received with the software system WMS a powerful instrument to be able to control efficiently also a bigger number of Lift and Carousel Systems in future - if desired also integrated into a bigger Logistics Master System with many different storage organisations and storage types and as well integrated also into the Supply Chain and into the software environment (ERP system etc. of the customer and of the further partners in the Supply Chain).

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