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JCL Logistics to invest 18.5 million euros in state-of-the-art logistics centre


The aligning technology is provided by the international intralogistics expert KNAPP

Technical progress as promoter of the employee welfare

Ergonomic work stations providing daylight, single part transport and an automatic small parts storage system are some features of the logistics centre currently being built in Werndorf, Austria, which focuses on the people and provides more than just the basic services.

How is possible to combine technical progress with job security? Isn’t technology supposed to replace the worker?

Not necessarily, as proven by the international logistics services provider JCL Logistics. It’s JCL, who has pursued the goal of uniting state-of-the-art technology with the welfare of its employees. And it’s JCL, who is realizing this goal by setting up a highly sophisticated logistics centre on more than 45,000 square metres. The aligning technology is provided by the international intralogistics expert KNAPP, headquartered in Hart/Graz, Austria. After finalization, eight levels will provide space for two million pieces, 10,000 pallets and 15,000 boxes. A fully-automatic warehouse management software is in charge of warehouse control.

The facility offers modern technology for automatic sorting and picking of articles to allow individualized customer order management, regardless of order volume. The same high-quality performance can always be provided for one customer who orders many items, or for many customers, who each order just one item. Therefore, the facility – and furthermore the whole branch – is suitable for B2B business (store delivery) as well as B2C business (delivery to final customers). Thanks to the KNAPP system, JCL Logistics is situated to react with high flexibility to changes of any kind and to use the location to meet the demands of any sector.

Stephan Joebstl, CEO of JCL AG, describes the development during the last years as follows. “Historically, Werndorf was established as a branch specialized in fashion logistics. Nowadays – and just in time for the going-live of our new business field ‘eCommerce’ - we are able to support the whole supply chain in online trading and offer our customers a ‘carefree package’ by handling all services in-house.“

Besides modern technology, JCL always focussed on its employees. Each and every order can only be processed with highest quality in the most modern environment if the work stations are designed to be worker-friendly. Especially in the area of small parts picking, attention was given to the work stations. The work stations are located in a gallery, where the employee can work in daylight and the items are provided within easy reach. About 150 employees take care of goods sorting, preparation, packaging and shipping of packages to stores as well as final customers.

Stephan Joebstl is convinced that a sustainable development is crucial for success. “Standing still equals regression. As a company of innovation, we see our own further development as our responsibility both to ourselves and to our customers. The investment into a branch enhances our capacities and our business opportunities. And of course it means the security and the creation of new jobs”.

Facts + Figures

  • Investment 18.5 million Euros
  • Capacity 45,000 sqm effective area
  • About 10,000 pallet locations on 8 levels (high-bay racking)
  • About 15.000 container locations
  • Storage space for around 2 million hanging garments Handling capacity of about 60 million pieces
  • KNAPP technology Automated small parts warehouse
  • Shuttle system OSR Shuttle for efficient order processing
  • Optimized picking system for store logistics and B2C delivery
  • Automated conveyor system (single part transport)

For more information please contact:

Mag. Elke Pretterhofer, Head of Corporate Communications
Am Terminal 1c, 8402 Werndorf, Austria
Phone: +43 3135 57710 385
Fax: +43 3135 57710 366

Mag. Margit Wögerer, Head of Marketing
Günter-Knapp-Straße 5-7, 8075 Hart bei Graz, Austria
Phone: +43 316 495 2501
Fax: +43 316 491394



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