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RJW Transport Doubles Warehousing Revenue with RedPrairie's On-Demand WMS


Enhanced flexibility and expanded warehouse management capabilities enable third-party logistics provider to raise order volume by 50 percent

RedPrairie Corporation, a global supply chain and retail technology provider, announced today that RJW Transport, a leading third-party logistics provider, has doubled its warehousing revenue since implementing RedPrairie On-Demand Warehouse in March 2010. The enhanced flexibility and expanded warehouse management capabilities offered by the solution enabled RJW Transport to raise its order volume by 50 percent.

Chicago-based RJW Transport services a wide variety of customers from steel manufacturers, to chemical distributors, to retailers. The company manages a fleet of nearly 400 trucks and trailers for a range of shipments, including small LTL, protect-from-freezing, intermodal and expedited.

"The biggest challenge in our business, across the board, is dealing with the range of our customer's requirements," says James Walker, director of MIS for RJW Transport. "Flexibility is very important to us, not only in types of product, or placement within our facility, but in units of measure, and the types of information that each of our customers need to track."

Prior to implementing RedPrairie On-Demand Warehouse, RJW Transport manually tracked inventory as it flowed through its 150,000 square foot facility. To increase its inventory management capabilities and give its customers a higher degree of real-time inventory visibility, the company implemented RedPrairie's solution, which enhanced its real-time inventory accuracy and expanded inventory visibility both internally and externally to its customer base.

"Implementing a traditional WMS didn't make sense for our business," says Walker. "We needed a system that was more flexible and accessible to our clients, which meant the solution we chose would have minimal overhead, a well-designed user interface, and provisions for external users to log in and view inventory."

The relatively low front-end cost of deploying an on-demand solution helped RJW Transport to ease the pain of implementation significantly. In addition, the solution's Web-based, hosted model enabled RJW Transport to share inventory information with its customers.

"The success of any WMS solution we chose hinged on its ability to help us make and deliver on our promises to our customers," says Walker. "I can unequivocally state that RedPrairie's solution has been a strong factor in helping us land new business and manage it properly."

"We are excited to hear about RJW Transport's success," says RedPrairie On-Demand Solutions Vice President and General Manager Ken Webster. "By implementing our solution they were able to meet their aggressive growth objectives without compromising customer satisfaction. We look forward to supporting them with our robust on-demand WMS solution as they continue to grow and expand their business."

More information about RJW Transport's deployment of RedPrairie On-Demand Warehouse is available in a case study at

About RJW Transport

Founded in 1981, RJW Transport is a third-party logistics provider, based in Chicago, Ill with more than 100 employees. The company services a wide variety of customers including steel manufacturers, chemical distributors and retailers with its fleet of nearly 400 trucks and trailers. Services include small LTL, protect-from-freezing, intermodal, expedited, warehousing and more. To learn more visit

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