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PSI provides automated depot management system for the most advanced tram depot in Poland


Mayor order from Municipal Transportation Company (MPK) Poznań

PSI has won the tender for public procurement, resulting in the signature of contract with the Municipal Transportation Company (MPK) in Poznań. The subject of the contract entails supplying, implementing and commissioning of the automated depot management system for the Poznań Franowo tram depot. System implementation is currently underway and planned deadline for project completion is by the end of next year.

The tram depot currently under construction in Franowo district will be one of the largest and most advanced facilities of this type in Europe. The total area of 17 hectares means in size it will surpass all other tram depots in Poznań. In prospect, 150 trams will be housed in the Franowo depot, meaning it will be two and a half times larger than the tram depot on Głogowska street, which was the largest facility of this type in Poznań.

The depot in Franowo will be the first fully automated tram depot in Poland, it is also the largest investment of this type in this part of Europe. The facility uses the PSItraffic depot management system software, which has already been successfully implemented by PSI in a number of tram depots in Europe.

The Depot Management System consists of a number of integrated components, fully automating the depot operations. This includes systems to manage and optimise tram routes, including an automatic traffic planning and visualisation system, remote identification system for trams on the depot premises as well as visual and voice communication among the vehicle operators.

The Solution currently being implemented in Franowo is specifically designed to optimise the order of trams to enter and exit the depot, depending on schedule and to manage tram routes to parking positions ensuring smooth flow of traffic. The system also assigns passenger courses to specific trams and assists the traffic controllers and technical staff in their day-to-day work. These system functions allow for actual savings with regards to time and money, because the operating time of each vehicle is optimised and used to its full potential. As part of the project, a control system for tram switches with switch drives, automatic vehicle identification solutions and voice communication systems and servers will also be supplied.

On the basis of its own software products, PSI AG develops and integrates complete solutions for energy management (electricity, gas, oil, heat), production management (metals, automotive, mechanical engineering, mining, logistics) and infrastructure management for transport and safety. PSI was founded in 1969 and employs 1,500 persons worldwide.

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