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Biggest pasta producer in Hungary opts for warehouse extension


General contractor Salomon Automation realises warehouse extension at Gyermely Logisztika Kft.

How it all began

The company history dates back to 1971, when due to an emergency situation 12 farmer families were forced to team up and established the pasta factory GYERMELYI. It was their common sense and sound understanding, which allowed them to quickly pick up the basics and secrets of pasta production. Due to the strong family ties, their diligence and economy, the factory soon became the biggest pasta producer in Hungary. Every day, tons of pasta are produced and delivered to 100 customers all over Eastern Europe.

The first fully automated warehouse in GYERMELYI

In 2004 general contractor Salomon Automation developed a fully automated high bay warehouse equipped with more than 6.200 pallet locations. Three aisle-bound stacker cranes managed the transport of the pasta to the designated locations. Already back then, the supersized warehouse was planned in such a way that it would meet the requirements of the future, assuming that by 2006 all capacities would be fully utilised.

The extension

However, due to the remarkable growth and the storage of new goods categories, GYERMELYI was soon pushed to its capacity limits. Consequently, Salomon Automation was put in charge of the extension of the fully automated warehouse. Within only 13 months of construction time, the high bay warehouse was equipped with 2 additional stacker cranes and the 6.200 storage locations were extended to just under 9.400 locations. The now fully automated warehouse management is carried out by means of 5 stacker cranes with load handlings for double-deep storage. The automated pallet conveying system was extended by 2 additional cross transfer carriages as well as 8 new dispatch ramps.

Due to the enormous space requirements, the picking was transferred into an adjacent hall. In order to integrate both warehouse areas in the fully automated process, a connection conveying system was installed not only in the goods-in, but also in the goods-out area. With a total of 20 roller tracks, the goods-out now ensures an organised outbound delivery process.

The software

In the meantime, the warehouse management system WAMAS controls and manages the entire logistics processes. In this way, WAMAS assumes the operational control and management of goods flows of logistics and support processes including resource planning and work progress. Every day, up to 340 pallets at the goods-in and up to 350 pallets at the goods-out are handled. Additionally, more than 500 articles are managed in the warehouse, which ensures a timely outbound delivery or product ranges to all stores.

Profitability, quality, ergonomics & sustainability

The realisation of the new distribution centre generated a number of outstanding advantages, which include process and personnel cost savings due to the continuous logistics software, a higher energy efficiency as well as ergonomic work stations.

Salomon Automation's goals for the customer include:

  • Performance optimisation
  • Quality improvement
  • Work simplification

In case of GYERMELYI we managed to realize all these points to the utmost customer satisfaction.

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