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PROLAG®World 2.3


New release guarantees maximum flexibility for production logistics

CIM GmbH release a new version of their Warehouse Management software PROLAG®World, including a host of brand new logistics functionalities. The WMS facilitates production of solutions and reagents in production logistics – also in conjunction with hazardous materials. Batch tracing and batch splitting are no problem thanks to a new batch pass.

CIM GmbH Logistics Systems have announced release 2.3 of their Warehouse Management System (WMS), PROLAG®World. The latest version of the software features a number of new functions as well as a modern user interface and a high level of standardisation.

The new release focuses on an extended production module. Since 2004, PROLAG®World has been synchronising production logistics and warehouse logistics in numerous companies, as well as coordinating the delivery of raw materials and semi-finished products for the manufacturing of finished parts. New functionalities in the software now allow users a high degree of flexibility in configuring the production environment and production process.

Powders and liquids

Producing solutions and composites from powder and liquids is an enormous challenge for manufacturers: Filling procedures or differences in temperature can lead to variances in the required or processed quantities. These changes in quantity cannot usually be handled by rigid bills of material. PROLAG®World now controls authorised and unauthorised deviations from the bills of materials using tolerances. Tolerances are specified in the WMS for liquids which cannot be measured or weighed with 100 % accuracy (viscosity, miniscule quantities). The liquid supply is allowed to deviate from the defined value by a set percentage.

As well as for liquids, tolerances can be defined for ordered quantities of finished parts so that deviations are accepted by the system. This gives the user the option of closing an order before the absolute purchase order quantity has been fulfilled.

Bills of material and production orders

Production orders and finished parts orders are either transmitted to PROLAG®World from the host system or entered manually. The required bills of material are loaded automatically by the Warehouse Management System, or the user enters or adjusts them manually. The WMS calculates how many finished parts can be produced using the raw materials which are currently in stock. “In this way, PROLAG®World ensures that raw materials are not blocked for production unnecessarily if the required quantity of a specific material is not available in the warehouse”, explains Fritz Mayr, managing director of CIM GmbH.

For supplying the material required at the relevant production stations or machines, the logistics software now provides a number of options: Users pick the exact number or quantity of raw materials and deliver them to the machines. Otherwise, the materials are retrieved using carousel picking operations and delivered to the relevant production stations, and any residual materials are immediately placed back into storage. Materials can be staged using automatic replenishment via e-kanban, or auxiliary materials are supplied directly to the machines or assembly areas.

Scrap handling during or after production

Using an additional dialog for registering scrap quantities, incorrect or defective raw materials and semi-finished goods are recorded and secondary picking is triggered. “Raw material or finished parts which show quality defects during or after the production process can be destroyed or sent straight to quality assurance for checking. This increases stock reliability and quality at all stages of the production process”, continues Mayr. The relevant reasons such as ‘QA’ or ‘scrapping’ are entered in the system.

Batch pass

To guarantee seamless batch tracing while allowing for batch splits, PROLAG®World 2.3 features a new batch pass. The pass shows information about which batch of raw materials has been used to manufacture the finished product, as well as the relevant material quantities.

Cancelling production orders

Production orders can be closed in PROLAG®World at any time and the end of a production order can be specified manually. In the event of any modifications to a customer order or changing market requirements, the production order is stopped and adjusted, and the raw materials are available again for other orders. If the production order consists of multiple levels or sub orders, these are also cancelled by PROLAG®World.

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