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Solvo.WMS – The Cornerstone of a Single IT-Platform across ADL Warehouses


Solvo.WMS is in the process of going live across warehouses of ADL

In the spring of 2013, the management of a major supplier of industrial equipment, ADL, decided to create a single IT-platform for all of its warehouses. To this end, the platform of choice became Solvo.WMS. This system replaced the existing third-party vendor system at a shipping warehouse with an area of 5 thousand square meters and with a capacity of 4 thousand pallets. The previous system failed to meet ADL’s needs with ever-frequent disruptions due to an increase in turnover as well as problems related to technical support.

Roman Sorokin, the project manager from the customer's side, notes that ADL views SOLVO as a strategic partner in the automation of warehouse business-processes. The system was selected by the company’s administration after careful analysis of similar solutions available on the market, which were evaluated based on functionality and cost of the project itself as well as total cost of ownership and technical support.

The Solvo.WMS implementation project at the shipping warehouse took 7 months and was completed in April of 2013. Roman Sorokin noted: “The implementation of the system reduced the number of moves, empty runs and expenses while improving productivity, significantly raising the speed of order assembly, reducing picking errors, and enabling uninterrupted operations at the warehouse.

Solvo.WMS is one of the most scalable solutions available on the market today. It is designed to easily accommodate and facilitate the growth of your business – be it an expansion of SKU item variety and throughput at the warehouse and/or an increase in the complexity of various warehouse processes.

System implementation at the ADL warehouse also helped us gain new clients. For us, it is very important to present our clients with the highest quality of service, which is why we are always striving to improve every process. To this end, the system provides our clients with all the necessary tools (order and shipment consolidation [managing a whole shipment instead of each individual order], compression, ABC-analysis, and much more). A manager can easily access the data at any moment, thus he can effectively manage warehouse operations, redistribute equipment and labor resources depending on the situation. As a result of implementation, we have the ability to control the order assembly process, which led to a reduction in order picking errors, and in turn, enhanced our overall quality of customer service.

We are confident that these positive results of our collaboration with the SOLVO team can be carried over to our future joint projects as we implement the system at our new logistics complex.”

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