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SOLVO automates warehouse at the SIBUR facility in Voronezh


SOLVO has completed a milestone automation project for the “Voronezhsyntezkauchuk” ready-made goods warehouse, part of the petro-chemical company, SIBUR.

SOLVO has completed a milestone automation project for the “Voronezhsyntezkauchuk” ready-made goods warehouse, part of the petro-chemical company, SIBUR.

The latest version of Solvo.WMS was rolled out at the company’s warehouse, which is equipped with an updated interface and many new features. Due in part to the harmonious efforts of SOLVO specialists, implementation was achieved in the shortest time possible – just 3 weeks, during which all operations commenced without any disruption.
Company and Warehouse Specifications

The company’s facility contains the only state-of-the-art polymer material production facility in Russia and the CIS countries – butadiene-styrene thermoelastoplast (TEP), which are used, in particular, in road construction, roof coating, composite materials, shoes, mastics, glues, and sealing compounds.

In 2013, a decision was made to launch the new TEP facility into operation, which made it possible to increase capacity up to 85 thousand tons per year. Among major consumers of SIBUR’s thermoelastoplasts are such companies as Gazprom, TechnoNikol and other Russian-based companies as well as such European markets as Germany, Italy and France.

A state-of-the-art, ready-made goods warehouse with an area of 5,000 square meters and space for 1,500 pallets as well as with was built for the new production facility.

Goods arrive at the warehouse’s receiving area in special big-bags directly from the production facility. Then, the goods item is allocated in the storage zone, which is equipped with two-tiered drive-in racks that are used by fork lifts. The warehouse maintains an account of lot-sized inventory, which is used to monitor the produced elastic substances.

Main features of the SOLVO system at the warehouse

The Solvo.WMS system automates all major process of the “Voronezhsyntezkauchuk” warehouse: from receiving to order shipping and is specifically designed to account for production warehouse specifics.

Key features – the Solvo.WMS system works in tandem with the quality control department and automatically issues quality certificates regarding compliance to the customer’s quality standards for goods, which saves valuable time.

Another advantage is that the system creates reports for logistics-specialists regarding the availability and quantity of goods at the warehouse.


The Solvo.WMS system has made it possible to easily and transparently manage all technological processes at the warehouse, reduce order processing times, increase accuracy of order assembly, improve shipping times as well as ensure optimal control over goods flows, and effectively manage personnel.

About Voronezhsyntezkauchuk

OJSC “Voronezhsyntezkauchuk” is one of the largest producers in Russia with over 30 product types. By volume, its elastics production comprises 20% of the Russian market. OJSC “Voronezhsyntezkauchuk” is the biggest domestic producer of polybutadiene elastics of solution polymerization, which are certainly on par with their foreign counterparts. In terms of production, the volume of polybutadiene elastics comprises around 40%. Among Russian-based companies, consumers of Voronezh elastics also include major companies from the EU, Asia and America (incl. Michelin, Goodyear etc.).

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