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viastore increasing focus on software offerings for warehouse execution


The most recent release of Warehouse Management (WMS) and Warehouse Control (WCS) products come together to offer the power of delivery in a Warehouse Execution Solution, enabling intelligent control of people, equipment, goods and systems for supply chain optimization.

In today’s conventional labor-driven distribution center, most business processes such as receiving, put away, replenishment, picking, packing and shipping are generally supported by many of the warehouse management systems (WMS) available in the industry. As more and more companies are incorporating automation into their distribution environment, or have some conventional and some automated facilities, a software solution that can easily support both the conventional and automated facilities is lacking. WMS providers shy away from driving automated material handling equipment, or will not admit that their product does not deliver the most optimal solution when integrating directly with the equipment.

viastore systems is changing that paradigm with a fully functional standard product that combines WMS and WCS into a single solution that can drive the people and also the material handling equipment.

“For over 40 years, viastore systems has been implementing our Warehouse Execution Solution (WES) to intelligently drive our customers’ automated material handling solutions including but not limited to AS/RS (automated storage and retrieval systems), shuttles, robotics, process controls and conveyor systems as well as supporting more conventional operations such as RF, paper, and smart workstations,” said Rod Wyles, director of software services for viastore. “Leveraging our WES, viastore systems has been driving automated systems, people executed tasks, and integration with our customers’ external systems such as certified SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards as well as many others.”

The viastore Warehouse Execution Solution (WES) has been driving automated material handling systems, as well as people executed tasks, providing robust integration with customers’ external systems. It delivers a functionally rich viad@t product suite, including viad@tWMS, viad@tMFC for warehouse control, viad@tVISU for visualization, and standard controls software for Siemens and Allen Bradley PLC’s. viad@t solutions share many key tables, provide users a consistent look and feel, operations visibility, as well as common architecture, independent of operating systems, databases, and hardware, with extensive documentation and training materials.

The WES solution controls, monitors and optimizes material flow throughout the facility via mobile or static user workstations and RF devices. Visibility of the customers’ operations are delivered via viad@tVISU, a real-time graphical interface tool, which provides visualization, update capabilities and diagnostic tools for operations.

“Utilizing viad@tVISU provides significant value to our customers’ operations because they have real time visual access to the status of goods, containers, and conveyors as well as facility utilization and event statistics. All are available for immediate action and further operational analysis,” said Nancy Malone, viastore systems software business development manager, and a supply chain software industry veteran. “The Viad@t solution helps our customers deliver productivity improvements (through reduced errors) and improve processes (reduce labor costs and facility cycle time) while increasing overall accuracy and customer service.”

A viastore global software product development team consisting of over 120 software engineers, delivers innovative software and enables the use of new features and functions across viastore’s industry leading “execution” product suite. “We collaborate with our clients, industry analysts and our experienced professional services team members for continued product improvements in order to deliver continued value to viastore’s existing and future customers,” Malone added.

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