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Transportation Management System LFS.tms by Ehrhardt + Partner


E+P has extended the functions of the product line LFS.tms for transportation management solutions: The two new modules Online Tour Processing and Tour Planning supplement the existing TMS functions of the warehouse management system. This includes, for instance, freight cost and load space calculation, shipment tracing (Log Trace), transit management, shipping handling unit pre-calculation and yard management.

With the extension of the product line LFS.tms, the warehouse management system becomes an overall solution for managing the logistic processes in the warehouse and on the road. While third-party systems require an interface connection, LFS offers all functions for the management of all logistic processes in an integrated form and with an intelligent connection.

An overall solution instead of an expensive isolated solution: Today, many companies look for software that can manage all logistic processes – on the road and in the warehouse. Using the existing load space calculation module, the users could already calculate the optimal utilization of the truck load space. With the Yard Management module, the deployment of the vehicle fleet can now be planned efficiently and economically. The Yard Management module allows monitoring and coordinating the outdoor areas of a warehouse and the function for calculating the freight costs allows a simple cost control. The two new modules for online tour processing and tour planning supplement these proven functions and turn the product line LFS.tms into an even more efficient solution for the road. Thanks to the intelligent connection with the warehouse management solutions LFS.wms², the warehouse management system as the overall solution allows controlling the internal and external logistic processes. Interfaces to third-party systems are not required. LFS already contains all functions required for monitoring and optimizing the processes in detail without interfaces to third-party systems.

Efficient tour planning

With the new tour planning module of the LFS.tms product line, single orders can be assigned to suitable vehicles. In addition, the maximum load capacity and the ideal route can be calculated for every truck. Thanks to the permanent communication with the LFS.wms² solutions for intralogistics, the shortest routes for the items are already calculated when the orders are imported from the host system. Another advantage of the intelligent connection of the dispatching module to the warehouse management solutions is the automated assignment of orders and tours. As the system are connected, E+P can significantly accelerate and optimize the dispatching processes.

Paperless and real-time processes

With the module for online tour processing, which is also connected to LFS, the paper-based processing of orders and deliveries can be omitted. This saves time and personnel costs. The software module is producer-independent and can be used with all handheld computers. The data are available in real-time and in transparent form. The drivers, the warehouse employees and the customers receive information while the tour is being processed.

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