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Enhanced Intelligent Fulfillment Suite from JDA Delivers New Levels of Omni-Channel Profitability and Customer Service


Cloud-based planning and execution suite optimizes the operational realities of delivering on omni-channel promises while powering real-world delivery

Further demonstrating the rapid evolution of its leading supply chain strategy, JDA Software Group, Inc. today announced that it has released new capabilities for its Intelligent Fulfillment™ suite, formerly called Distribution Centric Supply Chain. JDA’s Intelligent Fulfillment suite enables synchronization, constraint awareness and the zero latency required to enable profitable fulfillment for both retailers and manufacturers in an omni-channel world. Recent enhancements to the solution suite enable easier executive engagement through Supply Chain Executive, a mobile application that delivers interactive KPIs to the supply chain executive’s fingertips, as well as workflows that seamlessly link JDA Demand, JDA Fulfillment, JDA Transportation Manager, JDA Warehouse Managementand JDA Warehouse Labor Managementtogether to plan and deliver more profitable order fulfillment.

JDA’s Intelligent Fulfillment suite solves a huge challenge impeding companies from achieving a truly optimized supply chain – that demand and replenishment processes are often not aware of real-world execution constraints. By deploying the Intelligent Fulfillment suite, real-time visibility of inventory, orders and events can be applied to demand and replenishment plans – ensuring that these plans are executable in the real-world and optimize the supply chain’s operation.

With JDA’s Intelligent Fulfillment suite, gone are the days of replenishment plans that can’t be executed upon and the customer dissatisfaction that comes with unfulfilled demand. A foundational element of the suite – supply chain execution information – is systematically shared and leveraged across multiple planning and execution disciplines. From enabling proactive early visibility and synchronization of pick-up and drop-off appointments from carriers within the warehouse, to optimizing replenishment plans against up-to-date item packaging, equipment type and availability constraints, these synchronizations can unlock new levels of efficiencies and cost savings for customers.

»Companies are continually looking for new opportunities to streamline operations while improving fill rates and customer service levels,« said Paula Natoli, vice president of product management at JDA Software. »With this latest release of JDA’s Intelligent Fulfillment suite, customers are able to eliminate traditional functional silos that plague supply chain operations while keeping a pulse on end to end supply chain visibility through JDA’s new Supply Chain Executive mobile application. Intelligent Fulfillment from JDA makes your supply chain smarter.«

A first-of-its-kind executive application, JDA’s Supply Chain Executive app provides executives with a wealth of actionable supply chain information at their fingertips. Available now through the App Store, JDA’s mobile application provides real-time dashboards and an ability to drill-down into critical information while remaining connected to the heart of the business in the office or around the world. Supply Chain Executive is part of JDA’s comprehensive strategy for delivering mobility to its suite of products.

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