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Efficient EMCS processing at Premium Warehousing with AEB’s EMCS||XPRESS


Premium Warehousing Ltd, a British warehousing and logistics service provider, has implemented EMCS||XPRESS, the convenient online solution as part of ASSIST4 Customs Management, from AEB’s comprehensive software suite ASSIST4 for all logistics processes in global business. Premium Warehousing now benefits from faster processing of excise goods under duty suspension, increased operational efficiency and lower costs.

EMCS||XPRESS, developed by AEB, one of Europe’s leading providers of global trade and supply chain management solutions, is a »software-as-a-service« (SaaS) application, which is hosted in AEB’s official ISO 27001 certified computer centre. It supports the secure and efficient transmission and processing of electronic customs messaging in compliance with applicable EU law. EMCS||XPRESS went live at Premium Warehousing on 14th April 2014 and has since been used by its shipping and administration teams on a daily basis.

Premium Warehousing is an expert in the field of cargo handling for all types of materials, and with special focus on foodstuffs, the company also operates an approved HMRC bonded warehouse and is licensed to store beers, wines and spirits. One of its clients, a major European transport, logistics and freight forwarding company, stores up to 23,000 pallets of Carlsberg UK products at Premium Warehousing’s facility near Northampton. On average, about 75 per cent of all wine, beer and spirit deliveries managed by Premium Warehousing are subject to EMCS, the Excise Movement and Control System.

When, at the beginning of 2014, Carlsberg UK’s HMRC related transaction requirements increased by approximately 300 per cent, managing operations and customs declarations at the same time resulted in delays and frustrations. Processing these increased volumes also led to workload backlogs in a number of other warehouse areas, neglecting tasks such as stock counts and various system updates.

To standardise and accelerate the EMCS handling and to enable the efficient processing of increased numbers of shipments without additional staff, Premium Warehousing opted for AEB‘s automated solution EMCS||XPRESS. All EMCS submissions based on latest increased data volumes are now managed by one person, and the overall processing time has been reduced from about 10 minutes to about 10 seconds per declaration. In addition, Premium Warehousing now has full transparency over all duty suspended excise goods movements, which supports the operational side, but also enhances customer service and ensures customs compliance.

Chris Lee, Managing Director of Premium Warehousing, said: »In our business, especially dealing with perishable cargo, smooth operations and regulatory compliance are crucial to deliver first class customer service, keep a competitive edge and grow the business at the same time. If we had not implemented EMCS||XPRESS, we would not have been able to handle the major volume increases without hiring additional staff or negative impacts on service levels.«

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