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LFS for Callius: Six weeks to the optimal picking solution with E+P


The logistics service provider Callius restructured the entire warehouse organization for its customer, Fond of Bags GmbH, the manufacturer of the ergonomic school backpack brands, ergobag and pingpong. The requirements: simplified handling of the items when picking, efficient reduction of the picking errors and a high level of flexibility under strongly fluctuating daily business conditions with collection and seasonal changes.

A logistics package from Ehrhardt + Partner (E+P) was selected, consisting of the picking manager for voice-controlled picking and the ISS module (integrated shipping system). In addition to the creation of shipping labels, this also ensures gapless tracking and tracing of all orders and thus a high level of transparency in the shipping process. As a result, the paper-based picking process is replaced and the reliability of order processing is significantly increased.

School backpacks, school satchels and other accessories for the perfect school day are stored at the Callius facility in Bergheim. In the framework of the restructuring, the objective was to find a modern system that significantly increases the traceability of the order processing and the picking output. Within only six weeks, E+P implemented the picking manager, a software solution especially for voice-controlled picking. For the first time, the company installed voice devices from the manufacturer Topsystem. This excellent cooperation will be continued in further projects.

In a first step, the complete warehouse layout, with 8,000 pallets and 20,000 compartments, was adapted to the software logic. This included, for instance, replacing all of the labels on the storage spaces and the system-side reorganization of the in-house WMS. »We chose the PickManager from E+P because we not only wanted to design our picking process more efficiently, we also wanted to profit from the modular set-up of the solution. We are now capable of connecting further logistics modules within the warehouse management system as needed, using the PickManager as a basis,« Tobias Knopp, Project Manager at Callius explains the choice for the software solution. »In our strongly fluctuating daily business environment, with collection and seasonal changes, we are able to stay flexible and can always adapt our logistics to the current demands.« Previously, the employees in the 6,000 m² warehouse only picked using pick lists. Callius GmbH's other clients from the financial sector are also considering switching to soon.

Up to 3,500 picks per day

Since the commissioning, Callius has been performing up to 3,500 picks per day with and thus compiles around 1,700 individual packages. This results in a total volume of 142 euro-pallets per day. Compiling orders is also significantly easier for the employees now: Due to the Pick-by-Voice technology, they have both hands free and are, for instance, able to better pick large crates. Picking errors are efficiently prevented by using the voice entry and confirmation. The ISS module is used during packaging: It displays what quantity of which item is in the package, generates shipping labels and subsequently ensures gapless traceability. Thanks to an integrated weight control system, potentially missing quantities are reduced to a minimum. By pre-calculating the shipping handling units, the optimum packaging is used for all orders and partial orders. »E+P is not just a software and IT expert. The company comes directly from the logistics branch and understands our processes. That is why the logistics package they offer impressed us immediately,« Tobias Knopp summarizes.

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