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Pacific Star Chooses JDA Software to Improve Efficiency, Reduce Costs and Enhance Customer Service


Supply chain improvements to be delivered through implementation of will cutting-edge JDA solution

JDA Software Group, Inc., today announced that Pacific Star, a leading Mexican food-service company specializing in multi-temperature food distribution, has selected multiple JDA®Intelligent FulfillmentTMproducts to maximize its client services and optimize inventory management.

With more than 22 years of experience in the handling of frozen, refrigerated and dry products, Pacific Star constantly strives to ensure products arrive in top condition and absolute quality. Its objective is to be an operationally efficient, low-cost organization that offers the finest service obtainable. To achieve that goal, Pacific Star looks for ways to incorporate the most advanced technology into its operations and thereby plan, store and distribute products in optimal condition. The process is referred to as maintaining the cold chain.

In support of these goals, Pacific Star selected JDA®Demand, JDA®Demand Classification, JDA®Fulfillment, JDA®Order Optimization and JDA®Reporting & Monitoring to help ensure that the company’s clients receive products in-full, on-time and in optimal condition, thereby attaining more accurate supply-chain planning, more efficient restocking and improved safety. Already successfully using JDA® Warehouse Management, Pacific Star will also look to increase its effectiveness with that solution by adding voice picking capabilities going forward.

Pacific Star's supply chain covers more than 3.7 million miles and delivery in excess of 35.3 million cubic feet of product annually. It purchases more than 4,000 items from 400 different providers and receives more than 11,000 deliveries each month. After evaluating multiple options in the market, Pacific Star identified JDA as the ideal solutions provider to help make its supply chain more robust and efficient. As the leading best-of-breed technology solutions provider, JDA’s strong customer base, industry experience and proven results were all reasons cited by Pacific Star as reasons why JDA was selected.

According to Antonio Boccalandro, JDA group vice president, Latin America, Pacific Star's logistics represent the cornerstone of its operation, and logistics is the area that integrates storage and distribution. The company is striving to optimize its operations, reduce costs and improve service levels without sacrificing quality control.

»We are very pleased to work with Pacific Star to help meet their business objectives«, said Boccalandro. »This is the type of project where we not only sell the solution, but work closely with the client to understand their needs and support their supply chain philosophy. We're committed to working with Pacific Star to make their customer the direct beneficiary of our work together.«

Predicting a product's demand in order to execute an efficient supply plan has been the holy grail of every company that has sought to manage its inventories effectively, said Pacific Star’s Chief Operations Officer Ignacio Pietrasanta. Someday there will be a magic tool to achieve this. For now, we have a JDA suite that provides a highly flexible platform, with great scientific-technical capabilities and a series of sophisticated but easy-to-use tools that allow the user to better understand the available information and make optimal decisions regarding purchasing, production and inventory balancing. With all this, the main beneficiaries −besides our clients −will be the thousands of people who regularly go to restaurants or entertainment centers to enjoy fresh, high-quality products.

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