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Solvo.WMS at Major 3PL Warehouse of »Best«


SOLVO has successfully complete an automation project for the warehouse of a 3PL-subdivision of »Best« - a major retail-production holding – with an area of 12,000 square meters in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

SOLVO has successfully complete an automation project for the warehouse of a 3PL-subdivision of »Best« - a major retail-production holding – with an area of 12,000 square meters in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

The »Best« company group is a multi-profile organization operating on the FMCG market with a network of retail and production facilities across Siberia and the Ural regions. One of the verticals of the holding is offering secure storage services for foodstuffs and drinks at the new major class-A warehouse.

Implementation goals

When building the warehouse, the company aimed to establish fast, fail-safe and smooth warehouse operations to meet the demands of its clients. Thus, it was decided to implement a WMS, namely Solvo.WMS for 3PL-operators. The choice was supported by the many years of SOLVO’s experience in automating secure storage warehouses.

Warehouse specifics

The warehouse works round-the-clock and specialized in storing foodstuffs as well as packages (lids, pre-forms). The number of active SKUs exceeds 2,700. The warehouse offers such services as: SKU receiving and putaway, cross-docking, secure storage, inventory, order assembly, marking, packing and re-packing, picking, and the processing of all standard accompanying documentation.

The warehouse is equipped with 6 racking systems and contains a park for load handling equipment, which consists of four stackers, 2 high-rise HLOP-type forklifts ad several other forklifts. The warehouse uses rack storage and is divided into two zones: - Zone with wide aisle racks and a narrow-aisle storage zone. The warehouse also contains three holding cameras with various temperature modes for storing dairy products, fish, fruits and vegetables, which is important for clients specializing in food products.

Process automation

With the help of flexible and configurable rules and strategies for putaway in Solvo.WMS, the flow of goods is automatically distributed in the warehouse not only depending on the customers, but also accounting the temperature requirements, load compatibility rules as well as with consideration of the inventory levels in the picking racks.

»Picking channels« are used for operative order picking of carton and units of a particular SKU. These channels are configured and managed under Solvo.WMS. The concept behind this mechanism is when the current SKU quantity drops below the minimum level, the system automatically launched the replenishment process. The replenishment priority is set depending on the current quantity relative to the minimum and optimum levels. Thanks to the Solvo.WTM graphical display and warehouse topology editor module, the manager at the »Best« warehouse can view the rack occupancy, zone hierarchy, current RDT operator locations, current tasks, monitor job availability and destination points, find SKU remainders using filters, all in real time.

Also running at the »Best« warehouse is an integrated Billing (Solvo.BS) module, which makes it possible to automatic accounting processes for rendered secure storage services. One of the main benefits of using such a module as the warehouse is the ability to create and calculate the cost of several types of services that are applicable to the same type of operation. For example, the cost for a load storage operation, as a service, can be automatically calculated in different ways depending on the type of SKU and its properties (heavy or light).


Thanks to the implementation of Solvo.WMS at the »Best« warehouse, all key warehouse operations were automated (receiving, putaway, picking, outbound inspection) with the usage of hand-held and mounted data capture terminals made by Motorola, and which were offered by SOLVO. Moreover, as a result of implementing the Billing module, the automation the process of cost calculation for rendered services depending on the rate will soon be completed.

Future plans

»Best« plans to implement voice control technologies with support from SOLVO. This technology for identifying goods allows warehouse personnel and the WMS to interact using voice commands without using their hands since there is no need to use the hand-held data capture terminals. This way, overall productivity and picking accuracy is dramatically improved.

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