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Royal Canin Warehouses in Krasnodar and Rostov-on-Don running on 'Cloud' Solvo.WMS


SOLVO has simultaneously completed two warehouse automation projects for Ruscan Distribution (Royal Canin trademark), one of the global pet food market leaders.

SOLVO has simultaneously completed two warehouse automation projects for Ruscan Distribution (Royal Canin trademark), one of the global pet food market leaders. This time, Solvo.WMS was rolled out at the readymade product warehouses in Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar based on the already tested cloud-based »Remote warehouse« technology.

Solvo.WMS has already been using this technology for a few years at an affiliate Royal Canin warehouse in Nizhniy Novgorod. Regional warehouses are equipped with only the client automated work places, which exchange data with the Solvo.WMS host server installed at the data center in the Moscow region.

Implementation was conducted in the shortest amount of time possible – 2 weeks. And already during the first week, the entire warehouse personnel underwent training and learned how to work with the system while the SOLVO technical support line was set up and running during the second week.

The warehouse complexes in Krasnodar and Rostov-on-Don are used to store readymade products that are received from the central warehouse in Kuzyaevo (Moscow Oblast). From the warehouse, the goods are shipped to the end-client, consumers and distributors.

Implemeting Solvo.WMS at Royal Canin Warehouses

Solvo.WMS allows the Royal Canin warehouse manager to keep a precise record of each load based on production lots and expiration dates in real time, providing full traceability – from receiving to shipping.


At the warehouse, receiving is carried out based on standard technology applied at all company warehouses using data capture radio terminals. The warehouses receive single-type or assembled pallets, for which load labels are used during the process. The lot number, production data and/or expiration dates are scanned from the SKU packages.

With the implementation of Solvo.WMS at the regional warehouse, ASN (Advance Shipping Notice) technology is being employed, with which the receiving process from the central warehouse is much quicker. The main advantage of the given technology is the preparation and sending of additional information about loads, assembled into an order during shipping from a central to the regional warehouses. This way, the system will receive the necessary information about loads, which are being delivered from the main warehouse, and the user at the regional warehouse can simply verify the information and carry out expedited receiving.


SKU putaway can be performed either manually or automatically.

Picking and shipping

The warehouse in Rostov-on-Don was modernized to enable maximum efficiency for Solvo.WMS. After modernization and the expansion of warehouse space, commissioning technology was implemented to increase picking efficiency due to timely transfer of loads from the top tiers and into the picking zone.

At the Krasnodar Royal Canin warehouse, this technology was simplified: picking is carried out based on paper pick lists.

The Solvo.WMS can be used to assign SKUs and their quantity without lots, after which the system will plan the order by selecting the lots based on the FEFO principle (the lot that will expire first is selected).


As a result of system implementation, the increase in warehouse performance is evident: reduced number of errors, fast picking, and increased KPI across the board. Once again, SOLVO experts demonstrated their skills and professionalism by completing the Solvo.WMS implementation project with maximum speed and efficiency.

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