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Solvo.WMS takes top spot according to industry publications


Expert publications of the logistics industry have reviewed the performance of WMS systems for 2014. Based on the information of Tadviser, SOLVO has become the market leader based on the number of WMS system implementations in 2013, 2014 and for the entire statistics period.

This does not come as a surprise however, since just in 2014 SOLVO has successfully completed 25 Solvo.WMS implementation projects in Russia.

Meanwhile, based on the annual review of Warehouse Complex magazine along with independent expert of the Russian WMS market, Dmitry Perov, Solvo.WMS rose to second place in 2014 in terms of market share as a whole and first place with respect to medium to large-scale warehouses.

The current share stands at 18% compared to 10% last year, which translates into 80% growth despite suppressed WMS market conditions. According to expert analysis, the total drop in the WMS market has been 3%.

The WMS market picture for 2014 in Russia was wrapped up by Dmitry Perov at the InnoSklad conference (RosUpack exhibition), which was held in Moscow in June. SOLVO made headwaves at the conference with a presentation on automatic receiving from production facilities and various methods of integrating WMS with label and weighing equipment.

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