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Nebraska Furniture Mart Optimizes Workforce Productivity and Increases Competitive Advantage with JDA


Largest home furnishings store in North America to balance labor costs and better manage its workforce with JDA Warehouse Labor Management.

JDA Software Group, Inc. today announced that Nebraska Furniture Mart has selected JDA® Warehouse Labor ManagementTM to better plan and manage its warehouse employee workforce in its Kansas City, KS location, in order to reduce labor costs while maintaining a performance-focused culture dedicated to customer satisfaction. Nebraska Furniture Mart will leverage JDA Consulting and Education Services for this deployment.

Nebraska Furniture Mart is the largest home furnishing store in North America selling furniture, flooring, appliances and electronics. It was founded in 1937 by Belarus-born Rose Blumkin, under the motto »sell cheap and tell the truth.« Nebraska Furniture Mart has three facilities with over one million square feet and more than 4,000 employees performing various tasks including traditional fulfillment and distribution tasks as well as value-added services such as furniture assembly and prep. The size, volume and complexity of these operations require a significant amount of labor. Without adequate tools to set expectations, provide visibility and accountability, and facilitate coaching and feedback, labor costs were growing and causing pressure as Nebraska Furniture Mart remained committed to providing breadth of availability with a low cost guarantee.

Nebraska Furniture Mart decided to implement JDA Warehouse Labor Management to better plan and manage its labor within its facilities, in order to drive the cost structures needed to ensure customers will continue to »Find It Here For Less.«

»We chose JDA Warehouse Management to increase labor productivity and facility throughput, while decreasing operational and labor costs. This will better position us to deliver on our core value of being ‘cost effective and competitive,’« said Ryan Blumkin, vice president, Nebraska Furniture Mart. »We look forward to rolling out JDA Warehouse Labor Management in our Kansas City location as a first step in a contemplated deployment across all three of our facilities.«

JDA Warehouse Labor Management optimizes the productivity and cost effectiveness of customers’ workforces. By providing complete labor visibility, JDA Warehouse Labor Management helps transform supervisors and managers into effective coaches, improves performance accountability and delivers labor savings. This results in a performance-focused culture that delivers a significant competitive advantage.

»Rising wage rates, increasing turnover, and more stringent scheduling requirements for workers coupled with increasing price pressures from consumers and rising product costs from suppliers can lead to decreasing margins and degradation of products and services offered,« said Dan Grimm, vice president, solution strategy, JDA. »By addressing the rising labor costs and taking steps to counteract those rising costs, Nebraska Furniture Mart will be better positioned to meet customer expectations for low cost while maintaining adequate profit margins to continue to invest in its business and drive competitive advantage.«

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