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Successful start of an implementation partnership in Switzerland


In cooperation with Swiss implementation partner Schulze IT Logistik GmbH, Gigaton GmbH implements pilot project at Krummen Kerzers AG. The strategic partnership concluded in 2015 between the logistics experts Gigaton GmbH and Schulze IT Logistik GmbH is bearing initial fruit. In July 2016, following only a four-month project phase, the warehouse management software LogoS C/S designed by Gigaton has been implemented in the storage location of the logistics specialist Krummen Kerzers AG.

At the Kerzers site, complex logistic requirements are handled on a surface of 6000sqm for different retail customers in whole Switzerland, who are from there being supplied by Krummen Kerzers. Besides the complete material flow which is now mapped via Pick-by-Scan since the changeover, Krummen Kerzers provides different value-added services like the assembly and labelling of goods. Besides the material flow, a smooth and fully automated flow of information is of paramount importance, concerning both the integration of interfaces of up- and downstream systems and the topics »Invoicing of logistics services« and automated processed regarding the scheduling of processed with priority control etc. Here, we were able to optimize the overall process, providing a very satisfactory solution according to Peter Krummen, managing director of Krummen Kerzers AG. »The project implementation has been carried out well and it was also in the critical and hectic period where the changeover took place that Gigaton and Tom Schulze were readily available at all times and readjusted the system and especially the data in a timely manner«, underlined Peter Krummen. He continued: »We could notice an increase in productivity starting already after a short time and we are still at the beginning.«

Schulze IT Logistik GmbH played a crucial part in the very process of the implementation that assumed the technical and system configuration largely on their own as well as the realization of system and integration tests, user training courses and support during the implementation process. »In this part of the project, the employees of Gigaton had a supporting role, they were operating practically as a second-level support. The combination of concentrated logistical know-how and profound IT competency becomes apparent in a project like this«, Peter Krummen commented on his new partner.

Tom Schulze, holder of Schulze IT Logistik GmbH, is also satisfied with the successful design of the project and commends the cooperation. »A professional project management stands out – this was a result of a really good and constructive cooperation, otherwise it would not have succeeded in this short implementation span«. Schulze continued: »Furthermore, LogoS keeps its promises and is configurable in a way that standardized processes and requirements of depositors equally can be considered, in particular in the radio terminals. This fact really made it easier«.

For the future, both companies hope that their partnership is further expanded. The foundation has been laid and plans for new projects are already made.

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