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Solvo.WMS Raises Competitiveness of Major Household Chemical & Cosmetics Producer


In 2016, SOLVO completed a warehouse automation project for a major producer of household chemical and cosmetics products, Renaissance Cosmetics.

In 2016, SOLVO completed a warehouse automation project for a major producer of household chemical and cosmetics products, Renaissance Cosmetics.

The company began looking for a WMS-type management system for its new warehouse complex that was launched into commercial operation in 2015 to boost efficiency and productivity. The heads of Renaissance Cosmetics selected Solvo.WMS, which is running on many similar types of warehouses across Russia.

The total area of the warehouse complex is 15,000 square meters. The following equipment is used to ensure that operations workflow remains undisrupted: automated carts/pallet transporters, forklifts, self-driving stacker trucks, and reachstackers.

The Solvo.WMS project integrated the host system from 1C, which covered all warehouse processes: receiving raw materials at the warehouse, its transfer to production, receiving, shipping of ready-made good to customers. The introduction of Solvo.WMS reduced expenses and labor costs related to warehouse logistics, improved FIFO accuracy, reduced picking and load handling errors.

Specialists from Renaissance Cosmetics have noted that the warehouse became more »transparent.«

Additionally, WMS implementation had a positive impact on other company departments: production planning and sales, which, as a whole, increased productivity for the company.

»The customer is very happy with how Solvo.WMS is working,« said SOLVO Project Head, Sergey Petrov. »And they understand how to use it correctly and why it is necessary.«

Commercial Director at Renaissance Cosmetics, Galina Pervyh, stated:

»I would like to thank the entire project team on behalf of Renaissance Cosmetics for their successful implementation of Solvo WMS at our warehouse complex.«

»We were very pleased to work together with this team of real professional. I hope that our collaboration will be fruitful and mutually beneficial in the future as well. Thanks to this new system, our company is on a higher level of warehouse logistics, which will undoubtedly increase the competitiveness of Renaissance Cosmetics on the market,« she explained.

About Renaissance Cosmetics

Renaissance Cosmetics started its activity in 1992, as Renome. The main direction of its activity was the wholesale of cosmetics and perfumes in a big distribution network, and it also had its own network of stores.

The main advantage of Renaissance Cosmetics is a complete production cycle. All processes of manufacturing (from making bottle preforms to filling and packaging) take place in the territory of the factory. Nowadays the production includes the most modern equipment: injection molding machines for the production of PET preforms, high-speed automatic and semi-automatic machines for PET containers from 30 ml to 5 liters, extruders for the production of PE packaging and injection molding machines for the production of caps, 5 automatic bottling line. Automatic packaging sachets for packaging a line of bulk products, packaging machinery.

The company has implemented a system of separate production of corrosive household chemicals, abrasive household cleaning products, hygiene products, cosmetics and white toothpaste.

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