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Drugstore chain relies on LFS.wms - LFS.V8: a software update for ROSSMANN logistics


ROSSMANN are converting their warehouse management to the latest version of Ehrhardt + Partner’s LFS.wms warehouse management system. ROSSMANN’s regional warehouses in Cologne and Wustermark, Germany – which span 30,000 m² (approx. 325,000 sq. ft.) and 24,000 m² (approx. 260,000 sq. ft.) in size, respectively – have already completed their switch to the new release. Updates for additional sites are scheduled for this year.

All their regional warehouses in Germany are to run on software version 8 (V8) by 2019. Germany’s second largest drugstore chain is already more than familiar with the E+P solution: ROSSMANN have been putting their trust in LFS for almost 20 years.

From mascara to chocolate, from cleaning supplies all the way to sandwich toasters: ROSSMANN carries a wide selection of over 20,000 items. Their vast product range is located on a total of 240,000 m² (approx. 2.5 million sq. ft.) of storage area, distributed across seven German logistic locations. Each day, approximately 400 tours leave the drugstore chain’s regional warehouses to supply the 2,100 markets throughout the country. Here, customized software support is crucial in order to precision-coordinate such an enormous volume. This is why, in a total of four European countries, ROSSMANN puts their trust in E+P’s LFS.wms warehouse management system, which offers many functional and technological enhancements with their latest software update to LFS.V8, putting the drugstore chain at the forefront of the era of digitization. The warehouse management system supports all commonly used operating systems and is particularly optimized for use on Android and iOS devices. This new software version is also perfectly suited given the ever increasing demands placed on logistics technologies.

One of the essential requirements of ROSSMANN’s sophisticated logistics operations are seamless and transparent processes, due to the daily deliveries made to the various branch stores. If a regional warehouse does not carry a certain product, ROSSMANN employs what they call a shuttle service. In such cases, LFS orders the missing item(s) from the main warehouse in Landsberg, Germany. Before shipping to the respective branch store, orders are then consolidated in the regional warehouse.

Pick-by-voice improves time management

With approximately 90,000 daily handled items in Wustermark and 130,000 daily handled items in Cologne’s regional warehouse, every second counts: with topsystem’s Lydia® Voice Suite, warehouse staff always keep both hands free for the picking process. This increases efficiency and significantly speeds up the process. The voice recognition software is speaker-independent, thereby allowing ROSSMANN a high level of flexibility when using temp staff and seasonal workers. New staff members do not require extensive training and can get started right away – simply by listening to the orders supplied via the headset. Integrating topsystem’s pick-by-voice solution into LFS.V8 offers additional potential for future growth, giving ROSSMANN the option of also using smart devices such as smartphones or smart watches, for example.

Regular quality checks are of particular importance to ROSSMANN to ensure that items arrive at branch stores in perfect condition. In particular, medicinal and food products need to be checked and inspected before such items can go on sale. This is why, using the Value Added Services (VAS) module, LFS.wms requests quality checks of goods to be carried out at regular intervals. Here, the items are checked for product defects and more.

The future is automated

With LFS.V8, ROSSMANN is well-equipped for the future. For example, additional automation projects are in the planning, such as an intelligent pallet warehouse in Burgwedel, Germany. In other words, switching over to LFS.V8 is only a first step in a wide-ranging effort toward process optimization. Once all workflows are fully reflected by the new software version, the drugstore chain has plans to introduce a resource management system, with the goal of handling as many logistics processes as possible with a single system.

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