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Automated handling of hazardous goods: Normfest puts their trust in LFS.wms


The number of orders is increasing: repair shop supplier Normfest, based in Velbert in Germany’s state of North Rhine-Westphalia, needed a flexible and future-proof solution in order to support their company’s ongoing growth. Ehrhardt + Partner’s LFS.wms warehouse management system helps them establish transparent logistics processes and precise picking procedures.

The repair shop supplier also benefits from LFS.wms’s excellent functionality in the area of hazardous goods. The system manages and controls the correct handling of quality chemical and technical products made by Normfest. The number of orders for the repair shop supplier has been increasing steadily for many years, with the online store aimed at authorized car repair shops – which received the Online-Shop-Award – being one of the reasons. Incoming orders tend to be small-part orders, and are needed just-in-time. In order to continue fulfilling customer orders quickly and reliably, then, it was essential to support their logistics processes from a software and a hardware perspective.

LFS.wms leads materials handling technology
An automated, multi-storey zone-to-zone picking system with six picking stations is at the core of the main warehouse in Velbert. This system forms the central point for their intralogistics processes: the conveyor belt transports approximately 3,400 bins to the packing stations, over two storeys and across almost every area of the warehouse. LFS.wms manages and controls the technology in such a way that the pick containers are transferred out at the correct stations, where they are then loaded by members of staff. The picking process, previously paper-based, is now significantly moreefficient and less error-prone, thanks to pick-by-voice. »We recorded as much as a 20 percent reduction in picking errors within an extremely short amount of time,« Managing Director Enver Zolj reports. Going forward, Normfest is planning to expand their existing system in collaboration with E+P, and to also automate previously manual processes, such as returning the empty bins. LFS.wms also manages and controls an additional Normfest warehouse location: Oberhausen, where Normfest stores all the items needed for safe work clothing from their »dress&safe« sales division.

Handling hazardous goods, with LFS.wms
For 69 years, Normfest has been supplying customers all over the world with quality chemical and technical products required for vehicle repairs. Legal requirements must be observed, especially when storing and transporting chemical substances such as brake cleaners or spray paints. One advantage of LFS.wms, therefore, is the integrated module for handling hazardous goods: the software treats all chemical substances separately that are classified as hazardous materials or dangerous goods in accordance with the law. For example, if highly flammable goods are to be shipped from the hazardous material warehouse, LFS.wms prompts packers via computer to attach a flammable liquids label to the box.

All set for the future

With LFS.wms, the repair shop supplier has found another solution they can expand on at any time and even use to handle their increasing order volume. With their many years of experience in the area of vehicle logistics, E+P supports Normfest in their strategy for growth: many leading vehicle spare parts suppliers have been putting their trust in the logistics expert’s specialist knowledge for many years.

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