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Solvo.WMS Brings Warehouse Automation to Leading Food Supplier in Trans-Baikal Region


In September 2016, SOLVO automated processes at the warehouse of »Zabaikalskiy Privoz« in the city of Chita with the implementation of Solvo.WMS.

In September 2016, SOLVO automated processes at the warehouse of »Zabaikalskiy Privoz« in the city of Chita with the implementation of Solvo.WMS.

The facility where the WMS system was rolled out is a warehouse with an area of 3,000 sq. m. consisting of two buildings. The main type of goods in the warehouse are: grain, flour, sugar, tea, coffee, eggs, etc., which are stored in a 3-tiered frontal racks. Goods are shipped to retail stores in pallets, unit cartons or in bags, as well as by weight. The warehouse uses hand carts, order pickers for the top tiers (HLOP), and forklifts.

In light of the need to increase warehouse capacity and planned expansion of warehouse space, the company decided to automate processes and began searching for WMS solution vendor. Since there was no previous logistics management system at the warehouse, while all operations were done on paper, it was first necessary to reduce document flow and transition towards electronic documentation. Moreover, it was needed to integrate the new system with the existing ERP system called »SUPERMAG.«

Other objectives included to implement an address-based storage system and enable shipments by expiration date (FEFO), where goods with earlier production dates would be shipped out first.

The tender processes resulted in the company choosing SOLVO and its Solvo.WMS solution.

»Why SOLVO? SOLVO is the leader on the Russian WMS systems market since it is a fully-functional solution that ensures efficiency of warehouse operations. Another important factor is that Solvo.WMS provides the optimal cost-value solution which is generally cheaper than its foreign competitors,« said Dmitriy Nedashkovskiy, head of IT dept. at »Zabaikalskiy Privoz.«

Following the implementation of Solvo.WMS, the warehouse began introducing such technologies as scheduled and urgent order replenishment - goods from long-term storage locations (i.e. top tiers) are transferred to the picking zone - typically to the lower levels, which provides convenience and increases order picking speed; push-out - goods are transferred to the top rack tiers. Processes involving catchweight goods such as sugar, flour, grain etc. were also automated.

»The implementation of the WMS system at the warehouse was not simple: we had to review and reconfigure many of our business processes, fine-tune the logistics and delivery schedule since our region is located far from the West and the shipment interval is 8-14 days on average,« he continued. »We also had to set up the exchange between the WMS system and the »SUPERMAG« tracking system in these processes, and standardize the work routine of each employee. On the implementation itself, SOLVO experts arrived at the end of August 2016 and began rolling out and configuring the system, marking racks and zones, after which they carried out personnel training and started tracking the first goods with Solvo.WMS.«

Among the most notable results of Solvo.WMS implementation were:

  • Faster and more accurate order picking;
  • Automation of receiving, transferring and shipping of goods (the company’s warehouse was equipped with Datalogic Scorpio X3 hand-held radio terminals);
  • Shipment based on FEFO principle;
  • Faster processing of returns to clients.

»After implementation of Solvo.WMS, the number of claims was minimized due to increased accuracy of order picking. The actual process of order picking became faster due to address-based storage where the worker does not need to waste time to find an item in the rack. The recompiling of pallets after assembly was also reduced to a minimum because the system performs picks based on weight and dimensional characteristics; for example: all heavy goods such as bags are placed on the bottom of the pallet with goods placed on top in descending order of weight,« notes Nedashkovskiy.

Since then, the warehouse of »Zabaikalskiy Privoz« grew to 6,000 sq. m. including a zone with freezing equipment , which is also expected to be automated with the help of a WMS system.

Today, »Zabaikalskiy Privoz« is the leading food supplies in the Zabailkalskiy region with 55 supermarkets, most of which are located in the capital of the region, the city of Chita.

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