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Celeia dairy now with a new unrestricted picking solution


We have completed yet another successful project – this time in the Slovene food processing industry. We have implemented AtlasWMS at Celeia Dairy and developed a tailored unrestricted picking solution that is perfect for companies with fast-paced operation.

Improved Flow Overview with AtlasWMS
Celeia decided to set up an IT system because companies working in the food processing industry need to fulfill increasingly stringent requirements of large traders for the consistent meeting of the required shelf life dates, stock management by batches, and accurate control across the entire production chain. With the help of AtlasWMS, the company has established greater order in their warehouse, the goods dispatch system has become more transparent, 100 percent traceability can now be ensured, and manual copying of entries has been replaced with hand-held terminals, which relieves pressure on employees and reduces the time required to perform otherwise time-consuming work.

Unrestricted Picking for a Fast Dairy Plant
We have also developed an unrestricted picking system that is tailor made for companies with a fast pace of work. This solution is especially appropriate for warehouses with little space and a fast flow of goods, where establishing precise order requires a great deal of effort, and where standard automatic rearrangement is not always possible because the selected stock is not easily accessible, as it is, for instance, stored behind other palettes. Unrestricted picking, however, enables the selection of the most appropriate stock on the spot within the set requirements, such as the shelf life of a product; workers simply choose the most appropriate stock themselves, pick it and make an entry in AtlasWMS.

Smooth Operation without Interruption
When implementing the AtlasWMS system, we also successfully tackled the issue of the modus operandi typical of this industry – short shelf life of products, spatially limited warehouses, and above all the fast pace of work, as their production lines operate practically without interruptions 24/7.

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