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easyPILOT Follow: Faster order picking with the new semi-automatic control unit


Maximum picking performance with the new remote control option - 100% reliable connection with UWB wireless technology - Can be easily retrofitted thanks to ECE easyPILOT preparation

Jungheinrich is presenting a new remote control unit for its low level order pickers of the ECE family at LogiMAT 2018. easyPILOT Follow is a semi-automated control unit that allows the ECE to follow its operator automatically. The operator wears a control unit or carries it in a pants pocket or on a belt, and is thus able to concentrate on the picking process. The ECE connected with the control unit positions itself exactly so that the goods can be set down at the right place on the fork. The truck is always where it is needed at the picking location, following the operator as he moves forward and stopping with pinpoint accuracy. This eliminates the need for time-consuming climbing up and down as well as extended distances walking from the picking place to the truck. In this way easyPilot Follow enables error-free order picking processes and maximum efficiency in the warehouse. Thanks to UWB wireless technology, there is a 100% reliable connection between the operator and the truck at all times. That eliminates failure of the truck to respond due to visual obstacles or other sources of interference. easyPILOT Follow can be used on all Jungheinrich low level order pickers and the remote solution is easy to retrofit for any ECE with easyPILOT preparation.

easyPILOT Follow is also an effective means for increasing safety in the warehouse. A remote control option equipped with modern laser scanners continuously checks the area in front of the truck. This allows for safe and reliable navigation and positioning in rack aisles. If the scanners detect an obstacle the truck stops.

Jungheinrich has been nominated for this year's IFOY award (International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year) for the ECE 225 easyPILOT Follow. The 2.5-tonne order picker with the remote control option is classified in the »Warehouse Trucks« category with the hardest intralogistics test in the world.

Gunnar Tons, head of product management for Juniors at Jungheinrich, explains: »With the introduction of the easyPILOT Follow, we now offer the largest control portfolio on the entire market. The product is a true high-end solution, which sets us far ahead of our competitors in terms of customer benefits and price-to-performance ratio. Our remote solution maximises efficiency and minimises error frequency while reducing the strain on the operator and enhancing safety in the warehouse.«

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