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For over 30 years S&P has successfully been delivering customized software solutions for companies of all sizes and branches of industry. The SuPCIS-L8 WMS meets all requirements of intralogistics IT in all levels of automation. Especially in complex systems with different storage techniques the advantages of this WMS play their full role.

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Warehouse Management Systems

  • SuPCIS-L8 Release 8S (Validated)

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S&P Computersysteme GmbH offers custom software solutions for any kind of intralogistics. From planning to commissioning, solutions have been implemented in about 130 projects of all automation levels, from document-controlled manual warehouses to forklift warehouses with mobile data entry to very complex fully automatic logistics centres. S&P supports satisfied customers at home and abroad from a wide variety of sectors in industry and commerce, from midsized companies to large corporate groups who need reliable service around the clock and 365 days a year.

The scope of functionality of our application software is easy to describe: SuPCIS includes everything you need in software for control systems in intralogistics:

  • Storage location management
  • Warehouse inventory management
  • Lot tracking
  • Track-and-trace
  • Picking
  • Shipping control
  • Loading scanning

In addition to our warehouse management software, we can also provide all the hardware you need for intralogistics IT: From topics like barcodes, RFID, industrial or mobile printers, WLAN, pick-by-light, pick-by-voice and workplace computers all the way to servers, we provide it all – as individual components or as turn-key installations ready to operate. As a partner of Oracle (databases), Motorola (wireless technology), Zebra (printers), MIR (insuctrial robots) and DLoG (forklift PCs), S&P can act as a general contractor upon request to supply all components of an information logistics solution.


For over 30 years, S&P has implemented custom software and system solutions in over 130 projects for demanding logistics requirements at companies of all sizes and in all industries.

Even if your project is very complex and requires a high level of automation, you've found a competent contact in S&P. We provide you with important software for logistics, ranging from warehouse management software to material flow computers, picking systems, solutions in the area of transport management and much more.

Information related to the product

SuPCIS-L8 Release 8S


SuPCIS-L is more than just a warehouse management system as you know it from current ERP and materials management systems. SuPCIS-L has been specifically developed as a toolbox for the support and control of processes in warehouse logistics systems. The core of S&P's offering is the SuPCIS application software – even in its basic package, already a convenient introduction to IT-controlled logistics: Among other things, it offers chaotic storage location management, path optimisation, ABC analysis and FIFO.

Other standard components are available – for instance for the pick-and-pack picking in pre-calculated shipping containers, lot management, or Kanban. And our S&P development teams can work with an enormous library of well-tested detailed solutions from which they can quickly and inexpensively configure custom applications.

SuPCIS modules can simplify management and accelerate the workflow not only in new "green field" logistics systems, but also in existing warehouse concepts – no matter whether the warehouse is manual or automated. S&P software solutions encompass mature workflows and optimise them. Employees are integrated early in the process and quickly see that: daily work will be easier and quality will not be in question.

SuPCIS-L8 supports all departments:

  • Goods receiving department
  • Quality assurance
  • Repacking with storage preparation
  • Storage
  • Order management
  • Replenishment control
  • Picking
  • Order merging
  • Packing
  • Shipping control
  • Inventory

Your SuPCIS advantages:

  • High transparency in the warehouse
  • Shorter through times
  • Reduced personnel requirements
  • Increased stock turnover
  • Continuous lot tracking
  • Increased warehouse utilisation
  • Reduced inventory levels
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased delivery quality
  • Reduced error rates

Target group

Well over 5,000 workplaces are currently operated with SuPCIS solutions. The warehouse management system in a wide range of sizes has already been implemented in over 135 companies. From logistics service providers with fewer than 20 employees to group solutions with several locations, our solutions are in use from simple barcode- or radio-controlled manual warehouses to highly automated distribution and production centres. Especially in complex systems with different warehouse technologies, the advantages of our solution really come into play.


10 % manual
50 % partly automated
40 % fully automated


The SuPCIS-L8 Cockpit

Customer proximity thanks to high delivery readiness and minimised through times is a strategic objective, while reduction of logistics costs is an operational task. As a result, it is essential always to have a view of all the data and to be able to react quickly.

With the SuPCIS cockpit, that is possible at any time and from any workstation. The cockpit can be integrated into the SuPCIS-L8 warehouse management software and offers custom-configurable dashboards for the control room.

The dashboards show all relevant data, updated in real time, such as performance and daily progress as well as the level of warehouse utilisation. The built-in notification centre visualises critical situations with system technology or logistics in an easy-to-understand manner. Unlike other solutions, this module isn't simply a display tool, but is integrated into the process and therefore offers the option of influencing the processes directly by mouse click or touch.

Product Screenshots

SuPCIS-L8 Cockpit
SuPCIS-L8 Incoming Goods
SuPCIS-L8 Cockpit


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S&P Computersysteme GmbH, Systemhaus für Logistik

Zettachring 4

70567 Stuttgart



Horst Reichert



Telephone: (0711) 72641-0

Fax: (0711) 72641-70

S&P Computersysteme GmbH, Systemhaus für Logistik

Hermann-Müller-Straße 12

49124 Georgsmarienhütte




Telephone: (0711) 72641-0

Fax: (0711) 72641-70

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