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Warehouse Management Systems

  • EASYSTOR 7.4.20

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Company description

The different skills harmoniously introduced into a solid and reliable organisational mechanism enable the Incas Group to develop innovative, efficient and competitive systems.

A path distinguished by results:

  • 2000 systems
  • 1500 customers
  • 150 direct collaborators
  • 30 years of experience
  • 3 operating units
  • 1 unique team at your service


To combine the choices and the financial results with the ethical values, favouring a managerial policy not only directed at the creation of value but also at respect for the values and human and professional growth.

To study and realize solutions to manage the flow of goods, standing out for:

  • skill, specialisation and flexibility (SUITED TO THE PURPOSE FOR WHICH IT WAS INTENDED)
  • the originality and efficacy of its solutions (RETURN ON INVESTMENT)
  • reliability and the fact that its systems can be updated (VALUE OVER TIME)
  • productive, careful and responsible assistance (GUARANTEE OF CONTINUITY)

To produce systems that if we were the users, we would choose and want to use.


The Group's history is marked by a path of development which has always sought to combine the progressive financial growth with the improvement in the professionalism and company culture.

This fundamental choice of considering the company's development as a priority compared to other interests was confirmed in the strategic decisions that favoured investment in research and development, ongoing repositioning, the development of special skills in the various areas of reference and integration between the different operating companies.

Incas was founded in Biella in 1981 and the place and time were certainly not a coincidence. In the early eighties, the Biella district was, as it is now, the heart of the Piedmont textile industry - the area being a world leader in the wool sector: a sector with a strong manufacturing tradition. The first signs of change were noted during these years.

The flood of low cost goods, produced in developing countries, was the final factor that convinced local companies that the only way to stay on the market was to concentrate on quality and high technology.

Among the pioneers of this new direction were undoubtedly Paolo Piana and Ermanno Rondi, who established Incas to design automation and IT systems for the manufacturing sector. Their aim was to integrate effectively with the surrounding territory, which meant the industrial, human and entrepreneurial reality, and not just the geographical area in which they were located.

Today, the Incas Group employs approximately 150 people, which makes it one of the leading Italian companies in the field of automation systems for the supply chain.

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WMS – Easystor System

Easystor is the Incas Group’s operative management system for the optimisation of warehouse logistic activities.

WMS with open and configurable architecture allows a dynamic management of storing allocations capable of minimising loading and unloading routes: a real-time checking of the warehouse situation makes picking activities easier and allows for a direct control over the orders in progress. The main operative functions are available on batch or radio-frequency terminals.

The connection to the Company Management System is envisaged, a rigorous supervisor of warehouse activities: the details of the incoming goods and the lists of the material to be picked are transferred to the department system to obtain from EasyStor data on the warehouse movements executed in order to keep the stock accounting adjustment.

The Easystor main modules are directly integrated with the software of packaging line management, production and transport management.

The use of Easystor results in an increase in efficiency thanks to:

  • automation of repetitive procedures
  • movement rationalisation
  • dropping of errors
  • drastic reduction of paper backups
  • availability of efficient checking and statistics tools

Easystor is designed to be used in the following fields:

Warehouse Management System

  • Warehouse & Resources Mapping
  • Operative logics for single Item (SKU)
  • Documents, reports and customised labels
  • Integration with RF / Voice systems
  • Management of automatic systems / handling
Goods receiving area
  • Management of Supplier / Production orders
  • UdC identification / creation
  • Determination of the best storage location
  • Management of the different handling instruments

Order execution

  • Management of outgoing order portfolio
  • Definition of working groups / sectors
  • Preparation of orders through targeted techniques
  • Production linked techniques

Shipment preparation

  • Detection of lot / serial number (barcode, tag)
  • Checking UdS loaded on vehicle
  • Issuing of customised labels
  • Data re-entry to Company Management System


Target group

Reference Markets

Easystor, the operative management system, presents configurable functions both for single-orders (manufacturing or distributing industries) as well as multi-orders (logistic companies).

The requirements of the entire Logistic Chain are covered:
Supplier - Producer - Distributor - Customer with ad hoc software and facility solutions in any market where your company operates.


Management of Automatic Warehouse Elements


EasyLogic is the logic/physical interface between EasyStor and the handling management PLC of the automatic warehouse.

It serves to communicate with the field automation devices (heterogeneous PLC) and carries out a simplified virtual representation of the electro-mechanic devices used to manage the UDC transfer.

It also translates the handling missions generated by EasyStor into a format suitable for the control devices and it efficiently manages the handling logistics.

The user can interact with the software and the various HW devices directly through a dedicated graphic interface, which allows displaying the condition of the various parts of the roll band, the stackers and any other devices connected to the supervision system; in addition, the user will be enabled to activate the command controlling the warehouse re-alignment (for example, the shift of a case).

With EasyLogic software following functions can be carried out:

  • Dynamic mapping of the movements of the elements making up an automatic warehouse (stacker, shuttles,…): it receives and processes the missions to convert them into commands to be sent to the pertinent PLC
  • Virtual representation of electro-mechanic devices
  • Dialogue with PLC via on OPC standard based drivers
  • User interface through Interactive Graphic Synoptics

EasyLogic receives the commands (missions) from EasyStor and translates them into a format compatible with the PLC logic by selecting the route depending on the plant situation and by checking its activation according to the handling rules linked to the plant structure.

EasyLogic informs EasyStor on the mission progress and on the presence of any anomalies.

The warehouse graphic monitor displays the operation state (physical allocation, photocell state, alarms) of part of the roll band, stacker, shuttles, lifters…

This allows the operator to recognize any anomalies highlighted on the graphic monitor and to take the necessary corrective measures directly interacting with the system through the interactive synoptic.

A suitable interface of each single physical device enables the user to the manual control of the plant from this level and consequently to solve any anomaly arisen (for ex. hindered cases) without having to acting on the EasyStor system.



Do you really control your logistics system?

An analysis of the warehouse includes key elements that allow monitoring the activities that will determine their quality.

A detailed observation of this activity allows obtaining precise information on the resources rather than the defined logistics structure. This kind of observation cannot be always obtained directly by way of traditional IT tools used for the warehouse management; moreover, the behaviour of the key variables is not immediately visible on a temporal scale different from that one normally uses to make remarks. They may not be seen at all.
Such information acquires higher value mainly, but not only, in a long-term context.

The analysis of such information is definitely strategic for the factory managers or the persons in charge of the warehouse.

Performer, the Business Performance Management software, is proposed by Incas in this context as an instrument complementary to Easystor.

Performer is the application solution capable of creating its own statistic database containing the sizes of fundamental analysis, the basic events as well as the indicators that allow an efficient assessment of the logistics management mechanisms.
It is characterised by an intuitive and user friendly interface that involves a rapid acceptance at all user levels.

Performer is constructed on QlikView platform, a powerful Business Intelligence Solution software that is extremely easy to use.
Therefore, this offers a range of features and benefits well appreciated by the user.

All main values managed by Easystor can be represented on graphs and tables; where possible, one can show the same data passing from table display to a graphic representation with just one click.

Thanks to the Qlik View platform, Performer allows defining customised reports, exporting graphs, Excel files and much more almost instantly.

A noteworthy aspect of Performer is the possibility to aggregate data on different temporal scales and time intervals. This feature has suggested the definition of two basic modules.

The first one is a dynamic control panel for the analysis of the short-term situation of the warehouse. It covers a time range that goes from today date to a week behind.

The second module, the progress analyser, refers to a much wider time period: the history of the warehouse.

The use of these two instruments, which supply statistic information on the short- and long-run, guarantees a real-time and final monitoring of the parameters that measure the warehouse efficiency.

Main calculated KPI (key performance indicator):
  • progress indicators
  • productivity indicators
  • saturation levels



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