Publishing group MairDumont modernises logistics centre with S&P
Branch: Logistics service providing: Books, Documents, Media, Journals
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GoLive: July 2013
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Company Founded in 1948, the MairDumont publishing group complements its publishing activity by being a fulfilment agency and distributor for leading specialized publishing houses focussing on travel, tourism and transportation.
The headquarters of the family business with round about 400 employees are based in Ostfildern near Stuttgart (Germany). The logistics centre is located in Ulm. Furthermore the publishing group has subsidiaries in Great Britain, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Switzerland.
The entire group generated approx. 105 million Euro in 2012.
The product range of MairDumont includes print and digital media. Among the publishing program distributed from Ulm are the Marco Polo travel guides, Falk city maps, Baedeker Allianz travel guide, ADAC cartography, DuMont travel guides and pictorial atlases, Varta guidebooks and Lonely Planet travel guides.
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Project Description In the course of the SAP implementation at the Ostfildern headquarters, SuPCIS-L8 was implemented as the new Warehouse Management System at MairDumont.
With the new application software a pallet high-bay warehouse is being operated as a supplies area with forklifts using radio data transmission. Furthermore an automated container conveyor system as well as paperless picking via Pick by Light and Put to Light are managed by the WMS. A strong emphasis was placed on the WMS support of special
processes for a more efficient handling. Thus two-staged processes ensure streamlined processing of one item orders, withdrawals of great quantities and supplies in containers for continuous flow racks at goods-to-man picking stations.
A separate picking zone was set up for campaigns. Order consolidation processes and various special processing requests (value added services) at the packing station are supported by the WMS.
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Versandsystem – Pitney Bowes (über S&P)

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