a-SIS accompanies the Auchan Group’s e-commerce Division


a-SIS (the IT subsidiary of Savoye, logistic solutions division of the Legris Industries Group) is implementing its WMS LM7® at the Auchan Group’s e-commerce Division in France and abroad.

a-SIS took up the challenge. In three months, Savoye’s IT subsidiary has implemented its WMS LM7® in a new warehouse in northern France belonging to the Auchan Group dedicated to e-commerce. That was in 2011, when the brand created its e-commerce Division, a regrouping of which had been in existence since 2001, GrosBill bought in 2005 and the commercial website which had been in operation since 2006. Since then, a-SIS’ solution has started being deployed at all the logistic sites dedicated to e-commerce in France.

In September, all of the French warehouses will be equipped. Demonstrating its agility and rapid implementation in France, LM7® will also be rolled out on other platforms abroad and particularly in Russia. Several deciding arguments were in
a-SIS’ favour: a strategic view which is shared with Auchan’s general management, the editor’s considerable customer references in the e-commerce field, its skills in split case preparation and standards which fully corresponded to the distributor’s Specifications. Quentin BENAULT, Auchan

e-commerce’s Supply Chain manager (photo above), explains : « In a-SIS, we have a high-quality partner who has enabled us to package an e-commerce logistic solution in France to improve customer satisfaction whilst gaining in logistic dynamism, flexibility and agility ». For this manager, the peculiarities of on-line sales, like real time stock management,
monitoring different carriers, order management, complaints, reverse logistics and product heterogeneity, impose an adapted information system which is potentially different to the one used in logistics for the Group’s other activities (hypermarkets and supermarkets in particular). Another argument also swung the balance for a-SIS:

the prospect of installation mechanisation. Indeed, as a-SIS is the IT subsidiary of the automated solutions supplier, Savoye, the software package obviously offers compatibility with these mechanisation solutions. These projects should therefore see the light of day more easily. Finally, the implementation of the LM7® solution is fully incorporated in the « cross-channel » strategy that the distributor has started. Before the implementation of LM7® for the e-commerce Division, a-SIS’ solutions were already in place at Auchan, with the software package maGistor® for the Chronodrive brand’s « drive-in » activities.

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