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Jungheinrich WMS – the intelligent and extensive WMS solution with the industry's most advanced user interface. Tailor-made for your company: Our software accommodates your company and not the other way round.

Everything you need for a simple and cost-effective management of your warehouse.

Flexible. Intelligent. Comprehensive.

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Company description

Jungheinrich AG with headquarters in Hamburg is one of the world's leading suppliers in all areas and matters of intralogistics. For over 60 years, our main priority has been our customers’ needs and wishes when it comes to intralogistics.

We offer an extensive product portfolio: from the conventional forklift truck to fully automated logistics systems with intelligent software solutions connecting devices, systems and processes – accompanied by our innovative and flexible array of financial and other services. For maximum handling capacity and the most efficient material flow.

With our global direct sales network consisting of 23 branches and offices as well as over 200 field representatives who develop customised solutions, we supply everything you need. At the place and time you need it. Everything from a single source. Everything in top quality – made in Germany. You are more than welcome to try out your Jungheinrich forklift truck at any of our branches. Many types of trucks are available immediately.

You can see the quality of Jungheinrich also after your purchase. Our 1,100 service engineers are at your service – in general, there is one of them no more than 15 km away from your company location.


On 7 August 1953, Dr. Friedrich Jungheinrich founded a small workshop with 30 employees in a part of Hamburg called Barmbek. With that he laid the foundation for a globally successful company. Today Jungheinrich has over 18,000 employees in 40 countries – 5,500 of them in Germany alone – who work on developing and implementing, on optimising and maintaining the best intralogistics solutions for your application. For maximum customer benefit.

Besides our production sites in Norderstedt and Lüneburg (both near Hamburg) as well as Moosburg near Munich and Landberg near Halle, we have a production site in Qingpu, Shanghai (China) since 2011.

In order to continue growing and further strengthen the company’s position as a logistics system provider, Jungheinrich AG acquired the remaining 75 per cent of ISA - Innovative Systemlösungen für die Automation GmbH, which is headquartered in Graz, Austria, on 1 January 2013. ISA – one of the leading software companies for warehousing and material flow engineering – remains an autonomous company at its current location and is assigned to Jungheinrich's Logistics Systems Sales Division.

For further information on our company’s history, please visit our website www.jungheinrich.co.uk.

Information related to the product

WMSJungheinrich WMS 7.0b


Jungheinrich WMS – the individual and comprehensive WMS solution.

The intelligent, industry-independent Jungheinrich WMS manages, controls and optimises your warehouse integrally, ensuring that your processes are sustainably efficient and effective. Our comprehensive WMS solutions are perfectly tailored to your company, so that the software adapts to your operations and not vice versa.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Increased productivity & efficiency
  • Reduced error rates
  • More transparency
  • Higher level of readiness & shorter response times
  • Simple, cost-effective warehouse control
  • Decades of experience
  • Numerous references
  • Professional planning and implementation
  • 24/7 service and support
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Simple and efficient operation allows for short training times

Unique user-friendly interface

The Jungheinrich WMS offers the industry's most advanced user interface. The entire warehouse management system and thus 450 input dialogs have been designed to completely meet the needs of our customers and guide the user step by step through all warehouse processes.

The clear visualisation of the material flow process and the intuitive operability guarantee short training phases, put significantly less cognitive strain on your employees and reduce the amount of required interactions (clicks) by up to 20%.

Reliable. Flexible. Future-proof.

According to current market studies, the average useful life of a warehouse management system is more than 15 years. So it is good to know that you will be future-proof with the Jungheinrich WMS. Your Jungheinrich WMS will remain forever young – because Jungheinrich offers a degree of forward compatibility that is unique in the industry, thereby ensuring that your Jungheinrich WMS is always compatible with new releases and upgrades. This way you can upgrade to a current version at any time and are already benefiting from the developments of tomorrow today.

And best of all: As you grow, your software grows with you. The modular design and multi-dimensional configuration model of the Jungheinrich WMS ensure simple adjustment to future changes; the Jungheinrich WMS also supports multi-client and multilingual functionality.

Ease of connection.

Integration made easy. The Jungheinrich WMS uses standard interfaces to ensure the exchange of data and communication with all standard host and ERP systems.

The Jungheinrich WMS offers everything you need for a simpler and more cost-effective management of your warehouse – and much more besides.

For further information, please visit www.jungheinrich.co.uk.

Target group

The potential target group of Jungheinrich AG are all users who are in need of an intralogistics solution. The Jungheinrich AG offers customers a configurable software and IT for their warehouse as well as complete solutions “from a single source” with one point of contact.

The Jungheinrich WMS feels at home in all industries and has over 300 references of implemented installations worldwide.

We are looking forward to your request.

Operation area

The Jungheinrich WMS offers perfect control and management of complex automatic warehouse systems as well as a seamless integration of the entire warehouse technology. From standard high-bay warehouse systems, to complex AMW systems, to automated guided vehicle systems. The deciding factors for our success in this area are our fully integrated Material Flow Controller module and our Forklift Management System.

The Jungheinrich Material Flow Controller (MFC) optimises the transports for all pending goods movements in the entire warehouse and combines putaways with matching retrievals. By using smart algorithms that are continuously being refined, the MFC calculates the most efficient distribution and shortest distances for all transports in real time and assigns the putaway, retrieval and picking orders to the individual devices based on those calculations. This sophisticated cooperation does not only avoid jams in front of single aisles, but also enables double cycles and optimal use of forklift capacities.

Overall, the fully integrated Jungheinrich Material Flow Controller and the Forklift Management System of the Jungheinrich WMS are responsible for an optimised control of the processes in automated warehouses and thus significantly increase the productivity.


  • Uniquely user-friendly interface
  • Unparalleled forward compatibility and future-proof
  • Top WMS system with the best Material Flow Controller module
  • Individual customisation due to a combination of standard and individual software
  • Intralogistics expert solutions from a single source.

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Jungheinrich AG, Geschäftsbereich Logistiksysteme

Steinbockstr. 38

85368 Moosburg a.d. Isar


Weltweites, leistungsstarkes Direktvertriebs- und Servicenetz in Europa, Asien und Amerika.


Dr. Alexander Ulbrich

Leiter Technischer Vertrieb WMS


Telephone: +49 (0) 8761 / 80 819

Fax: +49 (0) 8761 / 8088 819

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