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Please fill in the complete form with your information. The free access to our »Logistics IT Online Selection« gives you a first overview of suitable logistics IT systems for your specific project. You can make one free selection per system group. Please note: Due to our annually updated data basis, selections made before 1st of August are only available to you with the free express access until the end of the year.

In addition, you can use the »WMS Reference Projects« service to learn more about providers and their systems on the basis of realised project references that have been validated by »Team warehouse logistics«. Besides, you can download all available whitepapers on warehouse-logistics.com.

For full use of the »Logistics IT Online Selection«, we recommend a premium access, which is subject to a fee. This offers access to all functionalities of the »Logistics IT Online Selection« for a concrete and comprehensive logistics IT selection with all details. With the premium access you have the possibility to create up to 20 selections, receive detailed result graphics and can download your evaluation as a PDF. A description of the full range of functions is available »here«.

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