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prismat GmbH is the SAP specialist for your logistics. We accompany you during the introduction of precisely tailored and sustainable SAP solutions, from the design stage to implementation and support of the normal operation of your logistic processes.

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prismat was founded in 1991 as a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics in Dortmund. As a Special Expertise Partner of SAP, we have continuously accompanied the development of inventory management solutions, from WM (Warehouse Management) and LES (Logistics Execution System) to EWM (Extended Warehouse Management). We can proudly look back on several years of successful project work in the SAP environment. During this period, we have continuously increased our know-how and aligned our project method to the special requirements of logistic projects.
Our know-how is always state of the art because of our close co-operation with SAP and our research and pilot projects. We also contribute to the continuous further development of the standard features of SAP solutions.
Besides our headquarters in Dortmund, prismat is meanwhile also represented by its branch offices in Ratingen, Stuttgart and Bremen. In addition to our excellent SAP EWM know-how, we also cover the SAP TM, SAP YL, SAP ERP, S/4 HANA, SAP Fiori and Cloud topics and design and implement multiple-system, closely standardised, holistic solutions for the logistic processes of our customers.

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TMSSAP S/4HANA Supply Chain for Transportation Management SAP S/4HANA TM 2020 *
WMSSAP EWM dezentral SAP S/4HANA 2020


This Warehouse Management System by SAP gives you extreme flexibility in designing your warehousing processes, providing you with a detailed picture of even multi-site warehousing right down to the level of individual storage spaces.

There are a variety of ways of implementing SAP EWM in your business:

  • You can use the system as a decentralised WMS, independently of any ERP solution supporting complex warehousing processes and tasks.
  • Implemented as an integrated WMS, EWM works directly with your ERP and is fully connected up with its processing logic.

EWM controls a large number of different warehousing processes and provides room for customised extensions. It supports the entire logistics process right from reception of goods, with a yard management function, through opportunistic cross docking, enhanced resource management and warehouse visualisation, all the way to goods dispatch. Thus the SAP EWM range of functionalities is one of the widest available on the market.

Target group

SAP EWM is the right solution for any business looking for a system closely matching its processes so that its standard functionalities already fulfil the customer's requirements. EWM is particularly suitable for high volumes and complex processes.

In the spare parts logistics business, SAP EWM has developed into a set of solution building blocks that covers all market segments. Dealers, logistics service providers and manufacturers can all reap the benefits of the many functions contained in the standard product. Whether they are medium sized firms or large-scale corporations, SAP EWM is attractive to all businesses involved in complex logistics processes.

Operation area

The system is extended by using opportunities for direct integration of automated warehousing via the Material Flow System. The completeness of the solution, all the way from material flow control to order management, avoids the need for interfaces and ensures seamless processes from ERP to SPS.


SAP EWM is a customised standard WMS. Whether installed decentralised or integrated into your ERP, it offers an immense range of basic functions and a huge degree of flexibility. This inexpensive standard version impresses with the space it provides for customised enhancements and customizable workspaces with a high degree of process reliability. SAP EWM is a complete solution with a wide range of external interfaces, and is well prepared for prospective developments in the long-term future.


Simple and made-to-measure

SAP EWM provides a huge range of processes and functions in its standard version, thus almost eliminating any need to invest in new development. The price of deploying SAP EWM is based on two components:

The costs for project assistance and implementation of SAP EWM are negotiated individually and will vary depending on the extent of effort involved and on requirements demanded. Thanks to its highly reliable processes, the risks involved in implementing this SAP variant are minimal. The guarantee of long-term support saves money for maintenance and for future upgrades.

There is also a fee for the product license. This is based on the standard price list for SAP licenses.

WMSSAP EWM embedded S/4HANA 2020 *
* The participant has not provided a description for this product


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prismat GmbH

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prismat GmbH

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