»Logistics IT Online Selection«

Holistic »Logistics IT Online Selection« to Identify the Most Suitable Logistics IT System for Your Logistics

Holistic »Logistics IT Online Selection« to Identify the Most Suitable Logistics IT System for Your Logistics

Learn more about the holistic »Logistics IT Online Selection«, its motivation and how it works!

The new, holistic »Logistics IT Online Selection« enables you to compare a large number of different Logistics IT systems based on your individual logistics requirements. The »Logistics IT Online Selection« will be available here from March 2021.

Take advantage of the opportunity to inform yourself on our site about the different Logistics IT systems. In the »WMS Online Selection«, you also have the opportunity to benchmark around 90 Logistics IT systems from 70 providers in order to identify the system that fits perfectly for you. Our free Express Access gives you an insight into the selection logic and enables you to view the market for your concrete project example. The Premium Access gives you a detailed insight into the functionalities of the individual systems and enables a concrete, complete system selection for your project.

Motivation of the Holistic »Logistics IT Online Selection«

An essential prerequisite for business success is the continuous optimisation of our own logistics processes. Disproportionately increasing process complexity results in continuously rising requirements with regard to cost and performance transparency in the warehouse. For this reason, the selection of a suitable Logistics IT system is of strategic importance. However, this process is often associated with a high expense of time and money.

For companies looking for a new Logistics IT system, the »Logistics IT Online Selection« is an efficient and reliable tool. Which provider meets set K.O. criteria? Which provider offers the right Logistics IT system for an individual customer project? In which functional areas is a specific Logistics IT system particularly strong? The »Logistics IT Online Selection« answers these questions.

The new »Logistics IT Online Selection« will go live in March 2021 and will support you in your search for the right Logistics IT system for your individual warehouse tasks. Until then, the »WMS Online Selection« will be available as usual to help you select a suitable Warehouse Management System for your logistics.

Functionality of the Integrated »Logistics IT Online Selection«

The entry into the »Logistics IT Online Selection« addresses both, users who already have a clear idea of the software they are looking for and users who currently see optimisation potential in the warehouse but cannot yet assign it to a specific Logistics IT system. We see the increasingly blurred system boundaries and thus a non-transparent allocation of functionalities to concrete Logistics IT systems as a driving factor here. For this purpose, we offer you on the one hand a targeted selection of the Logistics IT systems to be benchmarked (e.g. TMS) and on the other hand a guided selection (wizard), which suggests the relevant Logistics IT systems based on key questions about your problems.

In order to be able to bring Logistics IT providers and Logistics IT users together in a perfectly fitting way, we first offer you the possibility of setting certain K.O. criteria which must be fulfilled by the respective Logistics IT system. In the next step, you refine and weight the requirement profile for your Logistics IT system. Depending on your entries, we will continuously check whether it makes sense to add further detailed questions to individual warehouse tasks.

An example for illustration:

Up to now the focus of your individual »Logistics IT Online Selection« has been on the selection of a WMS. However, you have entered considerable requirements for the selection of carriers in the sections Transport Management and Shipping. The »Logistics IT Online Selection« recognises this and will now suggest you to include further aspects of a Transport Management System (TMS) in your selection. If you agree to this, further aspects of TMS will be automatically added to your selection and suitable Transport Management Systems will be considered in the final evaluation.

The results of the »Logistics IT Online Selection« will thus actively support you in your decision-making process for a new Logistics IT system, depending on your individual requirements. Within the result display, individually tailored Logistics IT systems are shown as well as, in the case of several suitable system types, combinations of these.

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