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Increased Output in the New Logistics Center of DocMorris


The logistics software specialist and certified SAP partner inconso was responsible for the complete integration of a software landscape based on SAP EWM 9.1

The new logistics center of DocMorris, Europe’s largest mail-order pharmacy, has recorded a great optimization of warehouse operations. The reason for this is a newly created logistics center in the European business park Avantis, located on the border between Germany and the Netherlands, which has now gone live and been equipped with the latest technology.

The new building in the Avantis park in Aachen/Heerlen spans an area of 35,000m2. The core is the new management building as well as a 10,000m² logistics center that delivers goods to pharmaceutical wholesalers and pharmacies. From here, DocMorris controls the store-in, replenishment and picking in the wholesale pharmaceutics industry as well as packing, sample inspection and shipping in the pharmacy sector.

In order to meet the growing demands of the wholesale pharmaceutics industry, inconso was tasked with creating comprehensive software implementation methods. The logistics software specialist and certified SAP partner was responsible for the complete integration of a software landscape based on SAP EWM 9.1. Along with conventional warehouse operations, SAP EWM, together with the material flow system, manages and controls a Pick-by-Light system and multiple forklifts and carts in the different warehouse areas using multi-order picking. The project scope contains the connection to the new material flow system that controls the A frame machine for automatic picking and container conveyor technology. The material flow system is controlled with inconsoS/Line, an SAP based inconso add-on for improved communication between SAP logistics systems and subordinate control levels.

The mail-order pharmacy has been expanding continuously since its founding 16 years ago. In the first expansion stage, the new logistics center was designed for a capacity of over 2,000 orders per hour. Furthermore, SAP EWM can properly react to future capacity increases.

About DocMorris

DocMorris is the most popular pharmacy brand in Germany and also Europe’s largest mail-order pharmacy with a revenue of over 300 million euros in 2015. DocMorris is a subsidiary of the Swiss Zur Rose Group AG located in Heerlen, Netherlands.

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