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New Jungheinrich Tow Tractor Handles Loads of Up to 4 Tonnes


Jungheinrich continues to expand its range of tow tractors. At CeMAT 2011 the Hamburg-based company is premiering a new vehicle specially designed for driving over varying floor surfaces.

Characterised by its excellent versatility and low operating costs, the new Jungheinrich EZS C40 tow tractor is designed to tow trailers up a maximum weight of 4,000 kilogrammes. The transport volume can be varied at will by coupling the number of trailers actually required for the particular operation. The tow tractor is based on Jungheinrich’s EZS 350 XL, which was originally unveiled at CeMAT 2005. Apart from super-elastic tyres and the associated adaptation of the drive chamber, a key difference compared with the basic tractor involves the increased ground clearance to one hundred millimetres.

More comfortable and safer driving over changing floor conditions.

The tow tractor is fitted with a super-elastic drive wheel. “This means our tow tractor can be safely manoeuvred on smooth industrial flooring or traverse minor irregularities, such as encountered when operating in outdoor areas,” says Oliver Rosenthal, Product Manager for Tow Tractors at Jungheinrich. The super-elastic tyres on the drive wheel provide the necessary traction. At the same time the tread absorbs the impact of irregularities. “The driver feels comfortable and safe on the tow tractor, even when driving over different surfaces.”

Trailer coupling and uncoupling is safe and comfortable, too. Like all other tow tractors from the Jungheinrich portfolio, the coupling is easily accessed and can be seen from any angle. A semi-automatic remote coupling/decoupling option is available and means the driver can decouple from or couple trailers to the tow tractor without having to dismount from the stand-on platform.

The ergonomics of the new tow tractor was an important criterion during development. Despite the high ground clearance, the stand-on platform on the EZS C40 is low enough to allow the driver to step on and off without any effort. A foldable driver seat also permits relaxed driving — whether in a standing or seated position. Thanks to the short distance from the driver stand-on platform to the payload, loading and unloading is particularly efficient.

“Our new tow tractor fully exploits its outstanding manoeuvrability in confined warehouse areas,” explains Rosenthal. The 1,470 millimetre turning radius on the EZS is so small that the driver feels like he is “turning on the spot”. Apart from driver comfort, safety is also writ large in the EZS C40. This is mainly due to the automatic speed regulation of the Curve Control system, the JetPilot steering wheel and the protective back rest.

Powerful acceleration and high top speed thanks to 3-phase A.C. technology

The core of the new Jungheinrich tow tractor is the energy-saving, powerful 24V drive system belonging to the new generation of 3-phase electric motors from Jungheinrich. “This is the basis for the powerful acceleration and high top speed, in other words, the high performance of the tow tractor,” adds Rosenthal. High battery ratings up to 620 Ah translate into long operating times for the tow tractor — as a rule two shifts per battery charge.

Jungheinrich ranks among the world’s leading companies in the material handling equipment, warehousing and material flow engineering sectors. The company is a service provider with manufacturing operations as well as an intralogistics solution provider, which offers its customers a comprehensive range of forklift trucks, shelving systems, services and consulting. Jungheinrich shares are traded on all German stock exchanges.

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