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Technology Reply specialising in Oracle technologies, inaugurates Exalab


Exalab inauguration, the first skills centre in Italy for the Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud

Technology Reply, a Reply Group company specialising in Oracle technologies, inaugurates Exalab, the first skills centre in Italy for Oracle Exadata Database Machine, and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud solutions, the Enterprise category of the Oracle product family for the consolidation of grids and private clouds.

Located at Reply’s Milan offices, Exalab will constitute a permanent demo space and point of reference for Italian and European companies who wish to test the potential of Exadata and Exalogic with the support of a qualified partner.

Technology Reply, an Oracle OPN Specialised Platinum Partner, will offer companies the benefit of their accumulated skills and experience in the use of Oracle technologies, creating a Proof of Concept and benchmark based on the innovative Exadata Database Machine, the only database machine ideal for data consolidation and warehousing projects requiring high levels of performance.

Also offered by Exalab Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, the Virtual Private Cloud solution based on Oracle WebLogic Suite, Oracle VM, allowing the more efficient use of existing infrastructures, whilst at the same time guaranteeing a high level of reliability and simplified operational management.

"At Reply, we are convinced that Cloud Computing represents a unique opportunity for companies seeking to exploit the potential of the internet and a consumption cost model to respond to principle business demands," commented Filippo Rizzante, Executive Partner of Reply. "However, market indications have shown us that this new paradigm is continuing to generate doubt within companies; the skills centre which we have set up in Reply will allow clients to test the most advanced Oracle solutions, including Virtual Private Cloud. The skills centre will also permit us to illustrate all the strategic advantages which can be derived from the use of this technology".

"The Oracle and Reply Group collaboration has a long history, making a solid contribution to the value of the Italian market in a range of technological areas", commented Sergio Rossi, Managing Director of Oracle Italia. "The opening of Exalab represents another important piece in the puzzle, further strengthening the partnership between the two companies. Technology Reply unreservedly welcomed the potential of Oracle Exadata Database Machine, one of Oracle’s most successful products of all time. Exalab will provide highly specialised support to all Italian companies who wish to adopt the platform, yet another demonstration of what Oracle and Reply are capable of achieving jointly, to the advantage of their clients".

"Technology Reply and Oracle have been collaborating for several years in the development of innovative solutions for clients who have selected Oracle technologies to support their business" commented Giuseppe Rossini, Technology Reply Partner. "The establishment of Exalab has further strengthened our partnership, offering clients the ideal environment in which to test the performance of the Exadata Database Machine and Exalogic Elastic Cloud solutions, currently enjoying great success amongst clients thanks to their impressive results".

"Oracle Exadata Database Machine provides extreme performance levels for both data warehousing and OLTP applications," explains Chris Baker, SVP Core Technology, Oracle EMEA. "This makes it the ideal platform for consolidation on grids and private clouds, whilst enjoying maximum scalability, security and redundancy. With Oracle Exadata Database Machine, clients will be able to reduce their IT costs through consolidation, manage growing amounts of data on multiple compression tiers, improve the performance of all applications and make the most appropriate business decisions in real time. The launch of Exalab by Technology Reply will make it easier for Italian companies to understand the benefits of the platform through a series of studies, analyses and simulations".

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