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With the new WMS – seven in one sweep


ProReServ (Professional Retail Service GmbH) recently implemented CIM GmbH’s Warehouse Management System PROLAG®World to manage their logistics centre in Gelsenkirchen. The WMS is confronted with the wide range of demands of a typical 3PL service provider: 4,000 articles produced by a range of different manufacturers, including hardcopy supplies, mobile phone accessories and peripheral products, are stored, picked, packed and dispatched using PROLAG®World’s real-time warehouse operations.

ProReServ offers a customised, full-service concept for logistics, merchandising and rackjobbing, sales and administration. This integrated package represents a key link between well-known manufacturers, distributors and retailers.
With 15 years’ experience, over 180 permanent staff, 200 support personnel and state-of-the-art IT systems, ProReServ provides intelligent solutions for the retail market Europe-wide.

CIM’s Warehouse Management System now manages all the logistics workflows at ProReServ: from goods receipt, putaway, storage and retrieval through add-on services, picking and shipping right up to delivery at the Point of Sale (POS).
In a total area of 13,000 square metres with 11,000 article slots, the software manages around 4,000 articles such as hardcopy supplies, mobile phone accessories and peripheral products for the retail market. The SAP host system is linked to the Warehouse Management System over a standard interface.

»The new Warehouse Management System provides us with an efficient, transparent, intelligent, flexible, modern, informative and fast solution – seven in one sweep, so to speak. We’re now equipped to master the steady, complex and diverse requirements of our customers into the future – and can continue to grow«, explains Marion Janßen, head of Logistics/Administration and board member at ProReServ.

»We now have a smooth goods flow, right from purchase order to POS; we’re able to work synchronously and can deliver within 24 hours«, explains Norbert Habeck, manager of ProReServ’s logistics centre in Gelsenkirchen. »PROLAG®World provides a great deal of support for our processes – which lets us concentrate on optimising our workflows«, continues Habeck.

Goods receipt

ProReServ triggers the purchase order in SAP and it is then transmitted to PROLAG®World over the SAP interface. PROLAG®World proposes a suitable storage location for the goods: the software calculates the current load of the shelves and ensures that the maximum allowed
capacity is not exceeded. For each article and storage area, there are several storage strategies defined in PROLAG®World which are essential for finding a suitable storage location. These include homogeneous or mixed storage, storage based on ABC zones and filling level optimization. The putaway process involves an employee collecting the goods using a forklift and transporting them to the defined storage location. Articles which are modified through add-on services such as labelling or kitting are also entered at the goods receipt area and then taken straight to a workstation. The employees there affix labels onto the packages or assemble individual parts. Bills of material are stored in the Warehouse Management System and are transmitted for each article.

Quality management

Using PROLAG®World’s quality management module, sample checks are performed upon receipt and issue of goods. These goods cannot be entered in the system or packed until the result of the sample check has been confirmed. If defects are found in delivered goods either at goods receipt or later (overdelivery/underdelivery, damaged or incorrect goods), a complaint can be created in PROLAG®World within a defined complaint period. The complaints notice is sent to the supplier by PROLAG®World as an e-mail along with a scanned copy of the delivery note. Order entry, picking, packing and shipping The 200 support personnel in Europe can activate their orders daily using an App; these are transmitted to the SAP host system and then on to the Warehouse Management System. Up to 80 pickers work in ProReServ’s warehouse with multi-storey transport trolleys. The forklift routing system guides them through the warehouse on the shortest pick paths, optimised by multi-order picking and sorting of orders by priority. The orders can be consolidated by PROLAG®World according to customer requirements. Based on the picking orders which are pending, PROLAG®World compiles a summarised list which is displayed on the RF – one storage location at a time. Employees retrieve the goods from the picking area, and order-based replenishment is performed. The picker scans the barcode, confirms the retrieval quantity and the article, and transports the goods to one of the consolidation areas. Once a complete shipment has been picked, PROLAG®World creates a consolidation document. The articles are packed and dispatched using the PROLAG®World shipping system. Employees can the shipment number and PROLAG®World prints the shipping labels, creates the freight list and sends a confirmation to the host system.

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